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What is Nifty 50?


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What is Nifty 50?

nifty 50

Meaning of Nifty 50:

It means to the fifty most popular large-cap stocks. That traded at high valuations in the year 1960s and 1970s. They included household names like Xerox that is XRX, IBM, Polaroid, and Coca-Cola that is KO. Due to their proven growth records and continual increases in dividends. They were viewed as “one-decision” picks. The investors were told to buy and never sell.

Many of their stocks are sported price-to-earnings that is P/E ratios. As high as 100 times earnings. They are in a particular direction the bull market of the early year of1970s. Only to come crashing down in the year 1973 to 1974 to bear market. That period was marked by many political scandals. The rising oil prices and interest rates.

In the year 1996, it has gained an additional meaning in the financial industry. It means its Index on the National Stock Exchange of India.

The Companies in Nifty

There was no that cannot be improved list of companies. That comprising the Nifty, as it was not an official benchmark. The companies have typically shared these characteristics. The Strong balance sheets, agreeing with growth and global reach. In the year 1972, Morgan Guaranty Trust produced its own list of Nifty stocks. It included still recognizable names like:

Phillip Morris – PFE

Bristol-Myers – BMY

Coca-Cola Company – KO

Merck – MRK

General Electric – GE

PepsiCo – PEP

Eli Lilly – LLY

Procter & Gamble – PG

Revlon – REV

Johnson & Johnson – JNJ

McDonald’s – MCD

The Walt Disney Company – DIS

American Express – AXP

Dow Chemical – DOW

Texas Instruments – TXN

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing – MMM

Xerox – XRX

Black & Decker – SWK 4

In the year February 2008, Wall Street huge UBS devised the New Nifty. An expanded version of the list that is included the international companies like British Petroleum that is BP and Vodafone Group that is VOD. The inclusion of international companies on the New Nifty drew attention to the solid returns. The stability of companies in the United. Kingdom, Japan and has emerged the markets.

The Other Nifty

Today, the it has meaning in the investment world. Beyond the popular large-cap stocks of the years1960s and 1970. It is also the name of a stock index on the National Stock Exchange of India that is NSE.

In India, it is an index to increase across 13 sectors of the nation’s economy. The financial services, information technology, consumer goods, oil and gas, automobiles, telecommunications, construction, pharmaceuticals, metals, power, cement and cement products, fertilizers and pesticides, and media and also entertainment.

Other stocks are indices with NIFTY in the name include are:

It is Broad-based indices like the NIFTY 50. NIFTY NEXT 50 and the NIFTY 100.

It is Sector-based indices like NIFTY Auto, NIFTY Media, NIFTY Pharma, and NIFTY Realty.

Its a theme-based indices like NIFTY Commodities, NIFTY Infrastructure, and also NIFTY Mid-Cap Liquid 15.

It is Strategy-based indices like NIFTY 50 Arbitrage, NIFTY 50 Dividend Points, and also NIFTY High Beta 50.

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So, this is the important information on the topic of What is Nifty 50. Here I have mentioned the Meaning, The Companies in the Nifty 50, The Other Nifty 50, Other stocks are indices with NIFTY in the name include are and To Compete Risk-Free with $100,000 in the Virtual Cash.

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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