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What Happened With Colin Caffell ? : Wiki, Biography, Wife And Family


Who is Colin caffell : Colin Caffell was known for being the ex husband of Sheila Caffell. His nationality was British. They had two twins son who were Daniel and Nichola. Colin Caffell came suddenly into news when Colin Caffell wife and children all got murdered on White Farm House. In this article we are discussing about Colin Caffell in brief, what happened to his ex-wife and children and where is Colin Caffell now. So keep reading it. Follow more updates on chopnews

Who is Colin Caffell?

Colin Caffell is Sheila Caffell’s ex-husband and the father of twins Daniel and Nicholas, who were all fatally shot in the family’s White House farm farmhouse.

Colin and Sheila met in the 1970s and married when Sheila was 20 years old in 1977. Before having Daniel and Nicholas in 1979, the couple experienced two miscarriages. However, their marriage fell apart, and the pair divorced in 1982.

What Happened To Colin’s Children And Ex-Wife?

Police discovered a family of five dead with 25 gunshot holes on August 7, 1985. June and Nevill Bamber, both 61, were found dead at the property in Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex, 12 miles from the city of Colchester.

June’s adoptive daughter Sheila Caffell, 28, and her twin sons Daniel and Nicholas Caffell also lived in the horror mansion, which was set among June’s father’s 200 acres of farmland. They were both discovered dead.

“Dear Sheila,” Colin wrote in a heartfelt note to his ex-wife at the funeral. I’ll remember you and our sons for the rest of my life, Colin.” “We’ll be reunited again soon Mummy, D and N,” he wrote on a wreath for his slain children in another note.

Because of her history of mental illness, it was assumed at the time of the funeral that Sheila was the one who killed everyone in the house. However, the guilt for the killings of Sheila, Nevill, June, and the twins was soon switched to her adopted brother, Jeremy, who was finally convicted.

What Happened To Colin Caffell, After The White House Farm Killings?

It was suspected that Sheila killed her family before Jeremy Bamber was convicted of their crimes, however this was later refuted. Colin also defended Sheila, claiming that regardless of her mental state, she would not have hurt her children.

He began writing a book on what had transpired, including facts of the Bamber family’s lives. Following the publication of the book, Colin began working with persons who had been convicted of murder in a psychotherapy class called Life, Death, and Transition.

What Happened To Colin Caffell?

The White House Farm killings are now the topic of White House Farm, an ITV drama based in part on Colin’s book from the 1990s. Colin decided to work on the TV adaptation of the story in order to tell the public the truth and bring the story to a close.

“I’ve been approached by several individuals over the years about doing something about it, and it just didn’t feel right,” he added. “However, the creators made it plain that they wanted to convey the story properly, getting to the plot’s psychological core.”

“I had a choice: I could be consumed by it or I could rise beyond it. If I’d just given in and then been the victim of everything, Jeremy would have felt defeated. I wasn’t going down without a fight. “Now, 35 years later, I feel like I’ve arrived at a moment of resolution and healing.”

After closing down his psychotherapy practice, he remarried and now lives in Cornwall with his wife. He became a professional artist in the last 15 to 20 years, specializing in sculpting and pottery.

Caffell made his public return in January when he appeared on This Morning. He detailed the moment he suspected his former brother-in-law, Jeremy Bamber, of the murders during his interrogation.

“I accepted Jeremy into my flat, encouraged him, and showed him all the brotherly love I could as a victim,” he explained. But then he started to act as if he wasn’t truly grieving.

“We were in the car going to the crematorium after June and Neville and Sheila’s burial and he started larking around with Julie in the front seat, stating what he would like to be doing to her later in the afternoon, really sick, really sick [things].”

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