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What happened to the Oovoo Javer Guy Where He Is Now ?


One of the most memorable Vine moments was that of “Oovoo Javer Guy”. In this short clip, an interviewer asks a guy walking down a city street if they had ever experienced Uber drivers that are “hot”, to which the answer “No I haven’t gone to Oovoo Javer!” was delivered. This video became an internet phenomenon and has inspired various memes and jokes based around him. But who was behind these iconic lines and what has become of them since the video went viral?

What Inspired This Video Clip

Oovoo Javer guy Gabriel Cash’s real name remains unknown; whether Cash is his legal last name or just an online handle. Gabriel explained what led up to and followed from this viral moment on YouTube in a YouTube video uploaded by him and its impact.

Gabriel explained that Uber wasn’t as widely known at the time, so he didn’t recognize what they meant when asking about an Uber driver. Furthermore, chewing gum may have affected his pronunciation of the question which caused an instant meme to surface as “oovoo javer”.

Where is He Now?

Gabriel has since transitioned into creating his own content, though you won’t likely find him making entertaining videos like those produced for Oovoo Javer. While Gabriel still maintains an active social media presence, most of what he creates falls under adult entertainment industry’s purview.

Daniel Cash and he, known as “The Cash Twins“, collaborate to produce videos that they post on Twitter and OnlyFans pages under their “The Cash Twins” moniker. Additionally, they boast over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube where they share videos discussing sexuality and shattering gender stereotypes.

Gabriel appears to have taken full advantage of his online fame as Oovoo Javer guy and frequently references it in his posts and sells merchandise with its catchphrase on it.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: What is an Oovoo Javer?

A: Oovoo Javer is Gabriel Cash’s mispronunciation of Uber driver in a popular Vine video.

Q: What was Vine?

A: Mes Vine was a video-sharing app popular between 2013 and 2017, before Twitter shut it down.

Q:What Is OnlyFans?

A: OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform designed to give content creators the ability to provide exclusive photos and videos for their fans. Most popular among adult performers and influencers.

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