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What Is OG? (Original Gangster or Old School) ?


“OG” stands for Original Gangster or Original and can be used to show respect or admiration for someone or something exceptional, authentic, old-school. Additionally, OG may refer to something that is the first or unique in its kind.

Origin of “OG”

OG derives its roots from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). First used by Los Angeles-based Crips gang to identify themselves as pioneers, then to refer to senior or loyal members later.

Hip-hop music popularized the concept of gang culture through lyrics that used words and ideas associated with them; one such song by Ice-T called “O.G. Original Gangster” became a hit and made the Billboard Rap Charts.

Over time, OG has come to be used in different contexts with varied meanings depending on its usage. Here are some popular applications of OG:

Referring to someone as an “OG,” which stands for someone with extraordinary expertise or recognition in their field. For instance, “Michael Jordan is considered an OG of basketball.”

“Original” refers to those who excel at what they do; for instance, “Beyonce is an original singer.

“She is an original friend. She always has my back.”

OG” refers to something that is original or unique, i.e. “This painting is truly one-of-a-kind; no other piece exists like it anywhere.

FAQ: Ultimate guide to your questions

Q: What are the rules for writing “OG?”

A: You may write it either with uppercase letters (OG) or lowercase (og), both versions having equal meaning.

Q: How should one pronounce “OG?”

A: Pronunciate it “OH-jee.”

Q: Is “OG” offensive?

A: No. However, in certain contexts OG could be inappropriate – for instance if used to mock someone old-fashioned or out of touch or glorify violent crime or gang activity.

Q: What are some synonyms of the term “OG?”

A: Some synonyms of the acronym OG include: “Goat (greatest of all time) “;

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