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What are Wet Koalas & The Truth Behind the Viral Image


Koalas are adorable animals found living in Australia’s eucalyptus forests. As marsupials, koalas carry their young around in pouches attached to their backs; additionally they’re herbivorous animals, only eating plants such as eucalyptus leaves for sustenance.

But what happens when a koala gets wet?

You may have seen viral images depicting wet koalas that look angry and scary with wide open mouths displaying teeth; is this what they really look like or can they be dangerous in the wild? In this article, we will reveal the truth behind these wet images as well as address common concerns regarding these amazing animals.

Wet Koalas: Examining Viral Images

The wet koala image that has been making waves online for years is actually an elaborate hoax. It is an edited photoshopped version of an original shot taken by wildlife photographer Oz_drdolittle in 20091, showing a serene-looking wet koala sitting calmly on a tree branch; this hoax uses Photoshop effects to alter that picture into something frightening, with larger eyes, darker fur, and exaggerated teeth being applied by an artist in 2015.

Since it first surfaced on social media in 2022, this photoshopped image has been widely shared and believed by those who believe it’s real or as an amusing prank on friends and acquaintances. Some websites even published articles about it claiming it showed the true nature of koalas 345; these claims, however, are false and misleading.

Reality of Wet Koalas

Realistically, wet koalas aren’t as frightening as their photoshopped image suggests – they are still adorable creatures that pose no danger to people or other animals. While their appearance differs slightly from dry koalas, wet ones are not aggressive or dangerous animals.

Koalas become wet due to various sources, including rain, dew or swimming. Though occasional wetting doesn’t pose much danger, prolonged exposure could reduce their body temperature significantly and increase their susceptibility to hypothermia or pneumonia.

Koalas with wet fur may have difficulty climbing trees due to a loss of fluffiness, which affects their balance and grip on branches. Therefore, these animals may prefer staying on lower branches or the ground until their fur has dried off completely.

FAQ on Wet Koalas

Q: Can I hold or cuddle a wet koala?

A: Cuddle a wet koala or any wild animal for that matter with caution. Koalas are wild creatures and may not appreciate being touched or held by strangers; furthermore they could carry diseases or parasites that are transmitted to people or other animals, making the situation even worse – plus cuddling can make the animal feel cold and damp!

Q: Do wet koalas feed on wet vegetation?

A: Both wet and dry koalas eat the same food: eucalyptus leaves. They’re very selective when choosing which species of trees grow in their environment, though. Koalas have special digestive systems designed to break down toxic fibers found in leaves so they rarely need water from sources other than these leaves themselves.

Q: Do wet koalas need help drying off?

A: Yes they do need some assistance when drying off after getting wet, especially since their fur can become slippery from being submerged in water. Koalas that become wet dry off quickly by shaking their fur or licking themselves. Group living koalas may groom each other while seeking sunny spots or sheltered areas where they can warm up more quickly and dry off more rapidly.

Q: Can there be any advantages to being a wet koala?

A: Being wet may provide some distinct advantages for koalas in certain circumstances. For instance, being wet could help them cool off in hotter environments or avoid dehydration more effectively than being dry would. Furthermore, being wet might help them camouflage from predators such as predatory birds or avoid parasitic pests like ticks or fleas more effectively.


Koalas do not constitute frightening or dangerous animals. Instead, they are simply exposed to water for some reason, creating the misleading image that was widely shared online that showed one looking angry and rabid – a hoax created using photoshop. Wet koalas remain adorable creatures worthy of our respect and protection.

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