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What are the Crucial Things to Know about Identity Cards or Badges?


What are the Crucial Things to Know about Identity Cards or Badges?: Identity is crucial for everyone, and that is why identity cards are often given to an individual for his recognition. An identity card comes with arrays of components and details. The most important portion of the identity card is the name of the ID card holder. A person is always recognized by his name. Now, the question is what else can ensure recognition of a person? We need other recognition details, as multiple individuals can have similar or identical names. So, there must be something that will distinguish the identities of two persons having similar names. This is why the ID card further includes the age or date of birth of the person. Furthermore, details like address, blood group, the name of father or spouse and many other things can differentiate the identities of persons having similar names.

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What are the Crucial Things to Know about Identity Cards or Badges?

Identity Cards

Advanced Identity Recognition Methods

For understanding the identity of a person, the name is commonly used, though names can be identical or similar. When someone is trying to replicate your identity for mischievous reasons, it is not hard for him or her to have similar names, date of birth and other similar details. There are only a few things that can differentiate yours from the person who wants to replicate your identity. These things include your biometric details. That means your fingerprint and retina can work as proof of your identity. You can be recognized through these things. Thanks to technology, we have fingerprint scanning and retina detecting devices these days. With such scanners, finding or understanding identities of people would not be a great deal of the problems.

Designing an Identity Card

When it comes to designing an identity card, a few factors are kept in mind. These factors are discussed in the following section of the article.

  • Clarity of Information: The identity card should have the clarity of serving information. If the information furnished on the identity card has not been recognized or interpreted properly, it can cause big hassles. There is no use of having an identity card which does not clearly confirm the identity of a person or individual.
  • The durability of Card: When it comes to designing identity cards, durability has been regarded as an important factor. Durability is important, as the ID card is not something that people want to make frequently. So, it has to be designed with materials that will provide durability to the cards. They should be protected from water damages, and that is why mostly the ID cards are laminated with plastic sheets.
  • Cost-effectiveness: For designing the ID cards, cost-effectiveness should be remembered as the most important factor. If creating an identity card becomes a costly thing, small businesses would face a lot of monetary problems. Such businesses look for cost-effective solutions for designing ID cards.
  • Information-Rich: To design the best identity card, you need to stuff the card with all necessary as well as crucial information. If there is a lack of information, the card will not be useful enough. To serve a purpose, you need to add relevant and important information to the card. Check out with the services provided at InstantCard. They can assure reliability and affordability.

Tips for Designing the ID Cards

For designing badges or identity cards, a few common things are needed to be remembered. These things are discussed in the following section of this piece of article.

  • Textured colors for designing identity cards are the latest trend. However, there is no harm if you use simple and plain colors. Textured colors have certain advantages, and that is uniqueness. With a unique texture, the identity card cannot be replicated easily.
  • A clear photograph is absolutely essential for designing identity cards. So, the photograph has to be clear and proper. Size of the photograph is also a major factor. It would not be too large, or it should not be too small. Passport size photograph is the best and standard size.
  • Printing is important, and if the printing quality is not good, the final output would not appear to be good. In order to get the best final outcome, you need to make added expenses on the printing. You need to make sure that the printing quality is supreme so that clear and professional ID cards can be created.
  • Lighter tones or shades are preferred when it comes to designing identity cards. Having graphical elements is elementary, though these graphics elements should not harm the overall image. The identity card must appear completely professional and well designed.
  • Placement of the business logo is important. When it comes to designing identity cards, you need to place the logo at the proper position. If the logo is not placed in the right position, the card will lose its authenticity or professionalism.

Sectors Where ID Cards Are Needed

There are a few sectors where identity cards are needed or required. For example, a business organization needs to have identity cards for employees. An identity card is needed for the recognition of the people. In the following section, you can find a few more areas where the need for an identity card is recognized.

  • Business: You need identity cards when you want to run a business. An office should provide identity cards to its employees. These cards should come with proper design, company logo, employee photo, employee name, designation, and other details.
  • State: Every state wants to give unique recognition to its citizen. When a person’s identity is not uniquely recognized, criminal offences, as well as conspiracies against a person, happens. To ensure uniqueness in the identity of a person, an ID card is given.
  • Recognition of Skill: if you have skills in certain things, the state or an authority can recognize the skill with a badge or identity card. For example, driving license is an identity card which recognizes the driving skill of a person.
  • Restricted Access: In many offices or places, access is restricted among only a few people. These people are given unique identity cards so that security checking guards can recognize them.

All these are common reasons to create identity cards. For a business, the ID cards for employees have important roles to play. So, it has to be designed with perfection.

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