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What Age Is The Snow White Prince? The True Story Behind It


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sees her meet a handsome prince after hearing her sing in the woods. The Prince visits her after she is poisoned by her evil stepmother and kisses to wake her up. Snow White age 14 in the movie. The Prince was 31.

The story of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and their adventures is a familiar tale to all. The story of Snow White, a Grimms Brother fairy tale about the beautiful princess, was originally written in German.

It dates back to 1850s. It contains all elements of magic. Seven dwarfs were born without names. They were named in 1912 Broadway and later in 1937 Disney Movie. We are all familiar with the latter. This is the Disney version of the story:

Snow White Age

Prince Florian, also known as “the Prince”, is the main male protagonist. The Grimms Brother’s 1857 reissue would have meant that the Princess was at most 17 when she “died”, and met the Prince.

However, there are many who claim that Snow White was 14 at the time of the whole mess.

Snow White | The Real Story

Snow White is the child of a King and his queen. After naming her, her mother, the Queen, dies in childbirth. The King marries a beautiful, but wicked, woman a year later.

She has the magical mirror. Every day, the Queen asks the question, “Magic mirror, who is fairest?” The Mirror answers that it is the Queen, until Snow White turns 7.

The Queen is jealous and envious of her stepdaughter. She orders a huntsman take her to the forest to kill her and restore her heart. The huntsman cannot kill Snow White, but she leaves her in the forest.

Snow White and the Dwarfs (Franz Jüttner’s illustrations from Sneewittchen)

Snow White finds the house that belonged to the dwarfs. Unbeknownst to its original owners she enters and cleans it. She then sleeps in the most comfortable bed.

After learning her story, the dwarves find her and take her in. Snow White is a beautiful, elegant maiden ten years later. The Queen also asks her mirror the exact same question.

The mirror gives the same answer. Mirror also tells Queen where she lives!

The Queen, dressed as an old, gloomy peddler, goes to Snow White. The Queen laced up a corset so tightly that Snow White fainted.

But the dwarves arrive just in time to free her from the corset. The Queen disguises herself as a comb-seller, and attempts to kill her using a poisoned toothbrush.

The dwarves save her again. Finally, she disguises herself as a village woman to give her a poisoned Apple that looks unique and delicious.

To prove her trustworthiness, she eats half of the apple. Snow White immediately dies after eating the other half. They can’t revive Snow White so they put her in a glass casket.

The Prince Awakens Snow White (Franz Jüttner’s illustrations from Sneewittchen)

The prince falls in love with the deceased woman and comes to her aid. It is strange, but it is true. He brings her back to his palace and, while she is being transported, his servants drop Snow White.

The apple is taken from her throat and dislodged, bringing her back to life. The prince marries the princess, and they make the Evil queen dance in hot-iron shoes until her death.

They are happy ever after. This is the true version. It is much more bloody than the Disney version. The Queen is killed by lightning and the Prince wakes Snow with True Love’s kiss. Here’s a portion of the Disney version.

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