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Washington Commanders Uniforms: The Washington Commanders Logo Team Crest And Uniforms Are Described Here


On Wednesday, the Washington Commanders Uniforms NFL team unveiled its new name, logo, and look – marking a fresh new chapter for the franchise as it celebrates both its rich history and looks toward the future.

Here’s what you should be aware of regarding each element

The team selected what it refers to as a “powerful ‘W'” for its primary logo, which will appear on helmets and be the most noticeable element of its new identity.

By proudly featuring the “W,” the team is reinforcing its connections to Washington, D.C. It plays its home games in Maryland and is headquartered there, but has seen most of its success within D.C.

The “W” at the top is designed to symbolize progress and forward movement.

The logo pays homage to the military with slanted stripes inspired by rank insignia, according to its creators.

Washington has adopted a team crest as part of its relaunched branding, something more commonplace in soccer than the NFL.

The top of the crest features the iconic “Washington Football” branding, commemorating all of the team’s previous iterations and celebrating its long legacy in the region.

At the bottom, years are displayed commemorating both world championships and three Super Bowl victories won by Washington Commanders Uniforms Football.

The upper-left and bottom-right quadrants commemorate the franchise’s founding in 1932 as the Boston Braves. After moving to Washington in 1937, however, its name was changed to Washington Braves.

The upper-right quadrant features the “W” logo, symbolizing the franchise’s future; further down, three stars pay homage to Washington D.C.’s flag on the lower left.

The team’s name, styled in all-caps, is meant to communicate its stance of “tall and proud”. Additionally, the cuts within the “C” serve to guide viewers’ gaze across it.

The two stripes on the team uniform pay homage to the D.C. flag, further cementing its connection to America’s capital.

The team chose to maintain its classic burgundy and gold colors while giving the uniforms a contemporary update.

The helmet may feature a familiar color scheme, but it’s quite different. It only has one vertical gold stripe down the middle and a dark face mask instead of the classic gold mask featured during Washington Football Team’s glory years. Even during their two-season reign as champions, WFT’s gold mask had no stripes.

The home uniform of choice is likely burgundy, almost from head to toe, with gold accents used on the numbers, lettering, and sleeves.

The team name appears above each player’s number in two stripes as a nod to Washington D.C.’s flag. Likewise, these stripes feature military rank insignia similar to the “W” logo.

On the road, expect to see this all-white uniform with “Washington” written above each player’s number.

The team’s alternate uniform will be an all-black look that will be used sparingly during games but available for fans to purchase.

Unlike its two counterparts, this version features a small burgundy and gold version of the D.C. flag on the right shoulder, unlike most other uniforms which feature larger versions on each shoulder.

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