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Fortnite Bat Statue, Pool, Giant Seat Locations


The Best Places To Dance In Front Of A Bat Statue In Fortnite

Bat statue fortnite : Fortnite has launched a week of challenges based around dancing, which is combined with one of the battle pass skins, DJ Yonder.

Players are tasked with a variety of tasks throughout the map, ranging from destroying no dancing signs to playing a big piano, but first and foremost, they must dance in front of a bat statue, a way above-ground pool, and a giant seat.

These three sites are also part of a prestige competition.

Where will you need to go to get this done, starting with the bat statue?

Because “bat statue” denotes a creepy environment, you’d be correct if you assumed you’d be going to Haunted Hills for this one.

You’re not going to the decaying castle on the hill, but to the graveyard on the map’s west side, which existed long before the castle.

Given how poor it is in comparison to other zones, this entire area appears to be ripe for replacement in future seasons.

Once you’ve arrived, look for the bat statue, which I assume is the location of a vampire’s grave, and begin dancing on his grave.

Don’t worry, he won’t wake up and murder you, albeit it does seem a little rude.

Here’s a map of where this exact spot is:

Haunted Hills has never been a particularly popular drop, so good luck getting ready after this.

And what if you’re taking part in the prestige challenge, which requires you to dance in all three places in one game?

This is the farthest away from the other two, and unless the island decides to migrate up toward you, you’ll have to trek a long way down south.

This challenge has two more components, and I’m writing guidelines for them as well:

Again, the prestige task is to complete all three of these in a single game, and because planes and Ballers are no longer available, you’ll have to rely on mechs, hoverboards, or plain old running.

I think I’ll see you out there for a strange graveyard dance party.

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