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Report: Tsunami Due to Major Earthquake, Could Destroy Seattle


Tsunami Due to Major Earthquake, Could Destroy Seattle: According to a computer simulation from a recent research conducted by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, a tsunami of unthinkable dimensions caused by a significant earthquake sooner or later may inundate Seattle with high-level flooding in a matter of minutes.

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Massive earthquake on Seattle

According to reports, the discovery refutes long-held beliefs that the metropolis is more vulnerable to risks of this size than previously believed.

According to US government scientists, a tsunami wave with a magnitude of 7.5 may generate a wave as high as 42 feet, which might reach Seattle’s shorelines and submerge them under more than 20 feet of water.

The series of tidal surges might get to certain places. within three minutes of Elliott Bay, Bainbridge Island, and Alki Point.

According to the findings, residents of the city would have a short window of time to act and leave before the earthquake-caused tsunami reached inland locations. According to recent study, municipal authorities and city inhabitants may be able to develop more effective ways to accomplish their goals.

According to a number of sources, effective early warning systems and evacuation plans may be what helps to lessen or prevent a potentially devastating natural disaster. The precautions are taken to prevent casualties. However, the simulation demonstrates that imminent infrastructure damage.

Simulated major earthquake in Seattle

The study, which was released on Thursday, July 7, concentrated on the Seattle Fault Zone, where a large earthquake that is about to strike under Puget Sound in Washington could happen.

The tsunami may rise as high as the Seattle Great Wheel and extend as far as Lumen Field and T-Mobile Park, according to the models. The enormous tidal waves could possibly reach other parts of the city.

According to The Seattle Times, Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz said during a news conference on the Seattle waterfront that the period between a “seismic event” and the arrival of the tsunami waves on Seattle’s coastlines would only be three to five minutes.

Reference for Seismic Data

The Seattle location in relation to the impending large quake and devastating tsunami was taken into account by the Washington government agency using fresh elevation and topography data.

According to USA Today, the data is more extensive than that from earlier studies conducted in Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett as well as those published in 2003, 2009, and 2014.

Given that Seattle is still inside the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” a section of the Earth’s crust that runs from the Western Pacific to the Eastern Pacific Ocean, a severe, fatal earthquake off the Seattle coast is very likely.

The shifting and rubbing of the tectonic plates in the area causes seismic activity. In the affected areas, which include the Pacific Northwest, the Western United States, and all regions close to the west coast of the Americas, this leads to regular volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Japan, the Philippines, and other nations in Southeast Asia and Oceania are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes along the Pacific Ocean’s edge in Asia.

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