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Trump Memes -Speculation that Trump wore his pants backwards at his speech in North Carolina


Trump Memes : After some viewers accused him of wearing his pants backwards during his talk to the North Carolina Republican Party state conference, former President Donald Trump has become the target of a barrage of jokes and memes on Twitter.

Trump Memes : Speculation that Trump wore his pants backwards at his speech in North Carolina has flooded the internet with memes and jokes

Trump gave his first official public speech since February’s Conservative Political Action Conference at the Greenville Convention Center in North Carolina on Saturday night.

He spent much of his long address criticising President Joe Biden’s handling of the border issue, the economy, and foreign affairs, as well as repeating his unfounded assertion that massive voting fraud was to blame for his 2020 election loss.

On Sunday morning, viewers flocked to Twitter to accuse Trump of speaking while wearing his pants backwards, with writer Brandon Friedman providing a close-up footage of the ex-pants president’s as he walked away from the stage.

“Others have mentioned it, but it’s worth repeating: Donald Trump gave his major address today with his pants on backwards,” he tweeted. “Take a hard look at me and tell me I’m incorrect.”

For the majority of Sunday, the hashtag #TrumpPants trended on the network, with thousands of users sharing memes and comments ridiculing his pants. After observing a zipper in the front of photographs on Getty Images, a Snopes fact-checker found that Trump did not wear his pants backward.

“He’s certainly on the ‘no fly’ list,” tweeted Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, a frequent Trump critic.

“Why is he unable to dress himself? @FUPA, #Trumppants “Tara Dublin, a writer and former radio personality, tweeted two images of the former president side by side.

“It appears like he has a My Pillow jammed into the front of his jeans,” user @sirDukeDevin tweeted.

“Elastic suit pants are quickly running out of stock. These will be worn by every Republican representative. #DiaperDon, #Trumppants “@southernliving sent out a tweet.

Shawn Patterson, an Oscar and Grammy-nominated composer, tweeted, “This is one of the most ill-fitting, sloppy, and obviously untailored adult suits I’ve ever seen. And he calls himself a “billionaire”? It’s shocking, and that’s before we get into his evident speech issues.”

“Thanks to #Trumppants, I learned what ‘FUPA’ stands for when I was today’s age… and now I’m emotionally scarred. So, Twitter, thank you for that “Joy Reid, an MSNBC personality, took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with

“Former Blogger Living in Mar-A-Lago Starter Pack #Trumppants,” history teacher Sari Beth Rosenberg tweeted.

“‘I am gigantic!’ Trump claimed in a statement after his speech last night. #Trumppants, it’s the pants that have shrunk!’ “Paul Rudnick, a screenwriter, tweeted about it.

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