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Top 9 Sites to Generate Mockups


Top 9 Sites to Generate Mockups:  A mockup is a representation of a Product, Website, or App in visual form. Designers frequently use mockups to show different and real perspectives to their clients.

Mockups are more intuitive than wireframes and prototypes, they help the clients visualize the product’s feel and functionality. Mockups are not the polished and final designs of a product, but they act as an example of the finalized version.

There are multiple products for which mockups are created based on the customer’s request such as promotional koozies, Custom Popsocket, t-shirts, and many more. They are also used to brand your business.

Top 9 Sites to Generate Mockups

Top 9 Sites To Generate Mockups

“Every great design begins with an even great story”

Wasting time searching for different things is one of the most frustrating aspects of being a designer. Like playing around in Photoshop, Sketch, or Illustrator to make a mockup of your design.

Here the ready-made mockups come into play. It should come as no surprise that
using mockups is fantastic for improving and exhibiting your stunning design work.

9 Best Sites For You to Create High-Quality Mockups

Mockups are made to make your design go near realism and look even more attractive and engaging. For you to achieve this we have compiled a list of the top 9 sites featuring mockups for all the designers out there.

1. House of Mockups

house of mockups

It is a wonderful location to find mockups that are paid and free. Your clients will be impressed by their realistic quality. They offer a wide range for all the designers to choose from like cafe displays, billboards, business cards, and many more.

House of Mockups is a website to get the best free and premium mockups, they also offer some other freebies.

2. Placeit.net


Placeit promises that they have the internet’s greatest collection of mockup templates. There are over 2000 freebies from which you can choose. This service is great if you want to incorporate your designs into high-quality templates.

There is an option from which you can drag and drop your design work into mockups which is time-saving.

3. Envato Elements Mockups


For brilliant minds and digital content Envato is a popular website offering this. They have a unique selection of mockups on their webpage.

These layouts of products are perfect for mocking up your great designs because there are realistic, versatile, and attractively crafted. Envato offers a 7-day free trial on millions of creative work files when you sign up for the first time.

4. Proto.io

music player

Proto.io is the go-to tool if you want to make beautiful mockups for your mobile apps. It works on both the platforms Android and IOS. There is an online player which provides you with a live view of your mobile app’s look and work, including layout and navigation.

Proto.io offers a special plan to students, and they offer a wide range of different plans to choose from your liking.

5. Mockup Maison

mockup maison

Mockup Maison claims to make and showcase your designs simply. There is a large number of mockups that you can choose from. You have the option to either purchase them or download them for free, depending on the file.

Mockup Maison isn’t the cheapest on this list, but trust us they will get the job done. It’s simple to show off your designs and put your designs on the right track.

6. Layers


Layers are the best creative agency out there. Layers mockups are extremely artistic, as well as being minimalist, and the metropolitan environments ooze a vibrancy that other websites lack.

Their bundles are also excellent and value for money, with numerous configurable options. On the other hand, they also offer a bespoke range of services which you can’t get elsewhere.

7. Artboard Studio

Artboard studio

Artboard Studio helps you to create and show off your creative mockup designs in a polished and minimalist way. They offer a huge mockup library that is easily accessible. They have a free plan which is for personal use.

But you can always opt for paid one if you’re working on a commercial design. You can design and animate along with your design team using Artboard studio within your browser.

8. FreePik


FreePik has a collection of more than 1 million free vector files and PSD. You can download all the vector graphics and icons for free to make your design artwork more presentable and stylish.

They also offer other categories from which you can download Backgrounds, Textures, Clip art, and silhouettes. Check their website to get beautiful mockups for your beautiful design.

9. Mockup Tree

mockup tree

Mockup Tree is another wonderful resource for you to get free mockups. They provide free access to hundreds and thousands of ready-to-use PDS templates for designers.

It also provides other specific details about the file that you chose such as sizes, dimensions, formats, etc. Mockup Tree offers you both paid and free files, but this is only applicable to certain files.

Closing Notes

Always prioritize the quality, simplicity of use, and range of files when making a mockup. The websites which we’ve discussed in this article fit these conditions perfectly. With this in mind, a slew of apps and websites have made this process more efficient.

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