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Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea


Hello, everyone today I am going to share some interesting views on Health benefits of Drinking Tea. Some are having a cup of regular tea is a habit but some are not. Now Tea has many Flavors to choose your one. If you are not habit to drink a tea then start now a sip of tea every day to calm your stress and awaken yourself with this. Here are the 5 Benefits of Drinking Tea.

1. Tea Has Antioxidants

Tea contains the good source of antioxidant polyphenol, which can reduce the risk of gastric and skin cancer if you consume daily more than four cups a day. Even consuming daily just a one cup of tea. though, it Scientifically decreases a chance of woman’s risk of ovarian cancer. Most importantly, antioxidants protect our bodies against age-related diseases.

2. Drinking Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Tea, Particularly green tea, reduce the absorption of fat in our bodies. Drinking tea quickly, helps in digestion, and it increases your metabolism. Tea also contains a type of caffeine which has been known to results in weight loss. Try to avoid all of your coffee and other beverages with green tea for at least one week It’s a guarantee you’ll definitely lose a few pounds.

3. Tea is Good For Your Teeth

As you all know that we all want good dental Cleanliness and a sparkling white smile. when toothpaste’s is not enough to clean your teeth, then it’s time to turn to tea.

Tea contains source of fluoride which strengthens the enamel of the teeth. Once again, try not to add any milk or sugar to your tea as it can reduce the effects of the fluoride to your teeth.

4. Tea Boosts Your Immunity

With the effects of cold and flu season never sems to come to an end, it’s important to get our immunity level in high so we avoid falling ill. Tea can do just that. Drink up Tea at least six cups per day to really improve your body’s capabilities to fight with the virus.

 5. Tea Strengthens Your Bones

Those who drink tea daily have the strongest bones. Strong bones mean your chances for osteoporosis (Relating to bones decease) are significantly decreased as you age.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re drinking black, green or some other flavored tea but they are all seems to increase your bone density.

So, these are the benefits of Tea while drink the amount of tea in your everyday life. All the Tea are same but they are different in flavors. Green Tea is more useful to drink because it loss your weight.

Though, Tea contains the source of Antioxidants in it which provide more Immunity and Stress-free life to do your daily works. So, drink tea and stay healthy. If there is any question regarding this Please feel free to comment your views.