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Top 5 Biggest Library in the World


Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Five Top Biggest Library in the whole world. A Library is a source of collection of information and useful resources, which made possible to a defined community for the Reference and Borrowing.

It provides physical access to material, and it may be a physical building or a particular space. Library’s collection can be including with the books, periodicals, newspapers.

Top Five Biggest Library in the World

A library is organized for the use and maintained by a public. It is an institution, a corporation, or a private person. Public and Institutional collections and services which may be introduce for the use by people who cannot afford to purchase an extensive collection of themselves, who need material to have such information’s.

Some of who require professional assistance with their research. In addition to providing materials and information on some news, It also provide the services of librarians who are more experts at finding and organizing the information and at using some of the information in needs.

Libraries often proving quite areas for studies to avoid noises, and they also offer some common areas to creates group study and collaboration. Libraries often provides for the public facilities to access their electronic resources and the Internet.

Modern libraries are increasingly being named as the places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources.

They are extending their services beyond the physical walls of a building and by providing material resources by electronic means and by providing the support of librarians. Here are the Top Five Libraries.

1. Russian State Library

Russian State Library

The Russian State Library is among the fifth largest library in the world.  Where at least one copy of every Russian publication is stored. Today, the library has houses of 17 million books as well as is a mandatory for 13 million journals, 150,000 maps, and thousands of musical records and scores. This huge collection of Books and musical work is neatly stored in the storage shelves that covers a estimate total of which covers the distance of 275 kilometers in the library. This Russian State Library is located in the capital city of the country Moscow and where it is freely accessible to the public of the country.

2. New York Public Library

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is the world famous for its large collections of nearly 53 million items including books, periodicals, musical records and other publications and albums. The collections of small and large libraries including the libraries of every book lovers and the wealthy millionaires of New York city which is to be resulted in the creation of its large network of libraries which are recently funded by both government and private institutions. The main branch of this

library is located on Fifth Avenue in New York 42nd Street. In Year of 1965, it was assigned the title of National Historic Landmark of USA. Today, the New York Public Library has consisted of 4 research libraries namely branch libraries in Bronx, State Island and Manhattan and several other smaller libraries attached to it.

3. Library and Archives, Canada

Library and Archives, Canada

Canada is the third largest library in the world, the Library included the Archives of Canada which is an institution, located in 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa. It is maintained directly by the federal Government of the country.

This institution is assigned the large task of preserving Canada’s heritage documentaries and the services to making it available to the people of the country.

The current collections of this Library include nearly 20 million books, 24 million photographs, private and government archives, aboriginal magazines and non-fiction and fiction films as well. Canadian periodicals, and more.

Some of the most important and prized items of the library including the proclamation of the Canadian Constitution Act, a 1st Century book by historian Flavius Josephus, a chair belonging to Glenn Gould.The Library and Archives of Canada was formed in 2004.

4. Library of the U.S. Congress

Library of the U.S. Congress

The U.S. Congress Library is the largest library in the United States and the second largest one in the world. This library is a federal institution in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. with a separate Institution and also the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Virginia.

This library houses research materials from all parts of the world.  Around 450 languages of the world find their representations in this library. The library was established in Washington, D.C. in the Year of 1800.

The Library grew and expanded after the American Civil War, and started collecting literature and important publications from all across the world.

Today, the library is open to the public for touring, but only high-profile government officials can access its books and materials. Several projects are undertaken by this library to promote the American literature and arts.

5. British Library

British Library

The British Library is the one of the world’s largest library, and can proudly presents of its collection of nearly 170 million books, manuscripts, magazines, music recordings and scores, patents, databases and many more source of information. This library is the national library of the United Kingdom and it is located in the capital of England.

The library was established by the British Library Act in the year of 1972 as an independent entity on July 1st, 1973. Some of the notable collections of this library including the names of the books are-  the Diamond Sutra, the earliest printed publication of the world, a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci.

This library is extremely famous in terms of opening its doors to all the people with an Identity address proof to access its large number of treasures.

So, these are the important facts on the biggest library in the whole world.

It consists of Meaning of the Library, more collections of books and of course the years of its establishment to recall the history. If there is any Query or Question persist. Then, please feel free to comment your view points.