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Top Acting Schools in New York City


Today I am going to share the top most Acting schools in New York city. From where an aspire Actors/Actresses came to entertain us with their way of acting skills.

If you’re an aspiring actor, when you think “New York,” you think theater, musicals, stars, acting, songs, glamor, success, and Broadway.

New York City is where acting training has received its roots in the US, so it’s easy and natural for us to now list the best drama schools in New York.

Some of these acting schools are differ from one another with their popularity of learning acting. we strongly believe all of them to be great candidates for anybody who is looking for strong acting training foundation. Here are some few of the Top Acting schools in New York city.

1. The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School

One of the most popular acting schools in the world, and that’s Julliard. Founded in 1905, The Julliard School’s aim is to provide the highest way of artistic education for musicians, dancers, and actors from around the world, so that they may achieve their fullest goal of potential as an artists, leaders, and global citizens.

2. Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch School of the Arts

Another best drama schools in New York City is the well-known to Americans Tisch School of the Arts. This school’s drama department was founded in 1974, and they are specializing in right training in theater and film in the form of a great research university.

This school quickly established itself as one of the leading arts schools in the country, This School has creating additional departments of dance, theater design and lighting, and cinema studies within a few short years.

3. Actors Studio at Pace

Actors Studio at Pace

Studio at Pace is yet another one for you to consider from our list of best drama schools in New York. Famous through their Inside the Actors Studio talk shows with Dean James Lipton, Actors This drama school is the only MFA program officially sanctioned and supervised by the legendary Actors Studio, and this is the only school that offers the authenticity, continuity and authority of acting skills and the Method.

4. William Esper Studio

William Esper Studio

A more private institution and a shorter time period of 2-year Meisner program with William Esper is as good as any acting program can get, which is why they are part of our list of best drama schools in New York. It’s absolutely valuable exploring, if you can go for it.

This studio was founded in 1965, and is dedicated to the work of Sanford Meisner and William Esper, The proposition that acting is a creative art and true excellence in its practice may only be achieved through total mastery of technical craft.

5. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

William Esper Studio

Another acting institution that is more famous to Americans, AMDA is a most important to our list of best drama schools in New York City.

American Musical and Dramatic Academy was founded in 1964, and now it is  recognized throughout the industry for its rich history and tradition of launching some of the most successful careers in theater, film and television.