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5 Worst Terrorist Attacks in India


5 Terrorist Attacks in India: Hello guys welcome to this article. India has seen many terrorist attacks in the past years. India has lost the lives of many soldiers and also the citizens of this country.

Every time if there is a terrorist attack every time India stands up like a champion by the help of the army and the master plans of the officials. Still there are some scars of the attacks but this country stands as a new and idol place for all.

In the following article I will be listing down the 5 terrorist attacks in India.

5 Worst Terrorist Attacks in India

1. Ludhiana

Ludhiana has seen many terrorist attacks in the past but the most deadly one was in the year 1991. The terrorist lit up the train with fire. Total of fifty-one passengers of the train were killed and around twenty passengers were injured in the attack.

Another incident took place in the Badhowal village in the same year where many innocent ladies and children were killed. In the same year, again terrorists shot passengers of a train near Qila Raipur 26 people lost their lives and around 16 were injured.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai has also experienced some scary and deadliest terrorist attacks. The date 12 March 1993 gives Goosebumps to the people because on this date the deadliest bomb explosion took place in the city.

There were around 13 bomb explosions in different sectors of the city. This bomb attack resulted in the death of 257 people and also injured 700 people.

Explosions took place in regions like Zaveri bazaar, Plaza cinema, Century Bazaar, Bombay stock exchange buildings, and many others like this. This is not the only attack that took place in Mumbai there are even more than this.

3. Samjhauta Express Blast


Samjhauta express is the train that connects India with Pakistan. Bomb blast incidence took place in the year 2007. There were two explosions in the unreserved seats near Diwana Panipat.

In these explosions, 68 people lost their lives and 15 had serious injuries. Lokesh Sharma was suspected as the mastermind behind the bomb attacks. This incident was the deadliest and it leads to huge destruction and human life.

The case is still going on in the court.

4. Akshardham

Akshardham Terrorist Attack
Akshardham Terrorist Attack

The terrorist attacks took place in the Akshardham of Gujarat in the year 2002. This attack took place in the Akshardham temple of Gandhinagar Gujarat. Terrorists used automatic weapons and grenades.

This led to the death of 33 people and around 80 were injured in this deadliest attack. They cleared the security check and somehow entered the center walkway of the Akshardham temple.

At this point, they started firing at the people in the temple. Other attacks took place in the exhibition halls and some other places.

5. Delhi

Delhi Terrorist Attack
Delhi Terrorist Attack

In the year 2005 Delhi, the capital of our country experienced some deadliest bomb attacks. This attack took place in three different places. Places like Paharganj, Sarojini Nagar market, and Govindpuri experienced it.

Paharganj and Sarojini Nagar are market places and a bus bomb explosion was seen in the Govindpuri area. All the three blasts happened in just 30-45 minutes. Around 62 people were killed and 210 had serious injuries.

This attack happened just before Diwali.

Still, the scars of these attacks are present in India. But one thing that must be taken into consideration is that India never lets down and is still standing like a strong pillar. I hope you all have boosted your knowledge a little through this article. Thank you for reading and keep visiting for other such interesting articles.

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