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Top 5 Rated Tourist Attractions in Agra


Top 5 Rated Tourist Attractions in Agra: Agra! The city famous for a lot of things, may it be the world famous TAJ MAHAL, or the “pethas” of Agra, here is everything which is special in its own. So by this you got an idea what we’re gonna list today in this article, yeah you guessed it right, we’re up with a list on the 5 rated attractions for tourist in Agra, so let’s get started.

Top 5 Rated Tourist Attractions in Agra

1. Taj Mahal

This Mahal is One of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Popular Taj Mahal is a showpiece of the architecture of the fine Mughal craftsmanship. This was originally constructed under the aegis of famed Shah Jahan as a memorial gift for his beloved wife Arjumand Bano Begum. Her body is also enshrined in the tomb at the Taj Mahal. The beautiful design of this structure is all incorporate Persian and the Vintage Mughal architecture. The main highlight to this structure is the tomb which is actually a huge structure that is made completely of true marble. Also, there is a dome too which is made of marble that surmounts up this region. Taj Mahal in short is spectacularly designed.

2. Agra Fort

The Agra Fort, which is also called the Red Fort, this fort dates back to the early 16th century. This fort is actually situated near the beautiful gardens of the great Taj Mahal. Purely Made of the red and brown sandstone, The Agra Fort has walls that actually surround for at least two kilometers and more and more. Inside there are many splendid and beautiful palaces like the Jahangir Palace and the Khas Palace. Here you will too find the grand hall of audiences actually called Diwan-i-Khas. Also there are location for couple of magnificent mosques. This fort, is similar to the Taj Mahal and also is an ode to the rich legacy of the Mughals.

3. Jama Masjid

Among the one of the best places to visit in Agra, the Holy Jama Masjid is a beautiful and a magnificent structure. The original name of this mosque was Masjid Jahan Numa. Constructed by the known Shah Jahan, the very best of the artisans, sculptors, engineers and thousands of labourers were used in the built effort. For more than six years, all these people continuously were engaged to construct the Jama Masjid. The cost of the build of this beautiful mosuqe was a million rupees.

4. Fatehpur Sikri

This place is a historic spot in the city among the places to visit near Agra. This city was actually founded by the popular Akbar who was a powerful and a majestic Mughal emperor. Fatehpur Sikri once was the capital city of the great Mughal Empire for many years before the city Agra took its position. Akbar was an instrumental in envisioning the city. He commissioned up the building of gardens, harems, well planned roads, mosques, and useful structures.

5. Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb

This Tomb is a Mughal mausoleum which is known for its monumental architecture. This tomb has actually been built up with the red and brown sandstone. This tomb is also one of the famous tourist places among rest in Agra which is situated in Uttar Pradesh. Many times by the people this structure is called the Baby Taj. The interiors of this tomb have many facets that actually is similar to the the interiors of the Taj Mahal. Along up with the main building there are many more buildings outside the complex. There are beautiful gardens too that dot the landscape well.

How you felt after reading the story of Shah Jahan who made Taj Mahal for his beloved wife Mumtaz! Well we got an idea, how historic and full of love this city is. So, we should give these places and the city a try by exploring. We’ll see you in a next amazing article. Stay Tuned.


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