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Top 5 Leading Causes of Obesity in India


Do you know that we Indians position third among the countries around the globe in Obesity? These days obesity is the main issue among all elements of the society. There is the chance of obesity in children as well in the town people of society. The speed of growth of obesity has immensely higher in India that makes India a poor nation. And because of this speed of obesity growth in India, we Indians have become liable to obesity-related issues like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, arthritis, etc.

Leading Causes of Obesity in India

Top 5 Leading Causes of Obesity in India

That are life-threatening. Based on the center for Diabetes in India, the complete occurrence of obesity in town children in New Delhi has revealed a rise from 16% in 2002 to about 24% in 2006-2007. Different reports determined that childhood obesity causes lifetime disorder. Therefore it is essential to do something toward the national health, to make conscious the people about obesity as well as their related issues. There are numerous factors which make India as a place of obesity. These areas-

#1. Lifestyle

The main reason for obesity is definitely the lifestyle, in childhood obesity, parents are usually unaware about their children being obese. They offer additional ease to their children when it comes to physical activities. Children are very busy playing the games in devices instead of playing outdoor games. These days’ children devote more hours on cell phones, Television, computers, playing online games rather than going outside for games which involve physical strength.

#2. Junk Food on Regular Basis

The primary reason for obesity in India is, the increasing rate of junk food intake among the young adults. People often eat more unhealthy foods when compared with healthy food. They spend more funds to purchase outside and simply available food these days. The junk food has become enjoyment food. Mostly junk food are fried and sweet which contain plenty of calories that are the reason for leading health issues.

#3. Insufficient Activities

Overindulgence in exercise-free lifestyle is definitely the major reason for obesity in India. Individuals are more busy to buy things online rather than buying the products by going outside, kids are involving more in internal games when compared with outdoor sports, thus insufficient activities is making nation obese. 

#4. Insufficient Awareness towards Health

Most of Population in India are not aware of the area of obesity, they do not have the basic understanding of the nutrition.

#5. Eating Routines

Bad eating routine is definitely the main reason for obesity in Indian people. Obesity is the long term consequence of bad eating, so contain more of healthy food in your children’s diet so there are fewer likelihood of obesity. Parents should instill healthy dietary habits in their children like attempt to give one fruit in kids’ Tiffin, attempt to give more of vegetables in meal time, etc.

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The obesity can significantly impact someone’s standard of living, therefore it important for losing weight to change dietary habits, increase physical exercise, and become informed about the body. We need to discover ways to nourish ourselves and set practical weight reduction goals that will bring us towards the suitable health management.

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