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Top 5 Largest Army in the World


Top 5 Largest Army in the World: Hey guys welcome to another article. Today’s article will be interesting yet informative. We all live in our respective countries but have you ever wondered about the army which protects our country? Like what is their strength or how do they work? Have you ever wondered about the largest and powerful army in the world? So I will help you a little today. In the following article I will be writing about Top 5 largest army in the world.


Top 5 Largest Army in the World

1. China

China Army

The number one army that is largest is China army. This army is also is also known as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It has proved to be the number one army in the world in all manners.

The strength of People’s Liberation Army is 2,333,000. They have their headquarters in Beijing. This army has various weapons, tanks, aircraft, guns, etc. to protect their country. PLA has around 9,150 tanks, approximately 4,788 armored fighting vehicles (AFV), 1710 self-propelled guns (SPG), the total 2942 aircrafts, and there are others too.

The PLA was launched in 1972 and is in service since then and proves their motto “serve the people”.

2. United States

United States Army

On the second largest army in the world is the United States. It has 1,492,200 active duty soldiers which are there to protect the country. The army was formed in 1977 and is still there to serve the people.

The United States army has around 8,848 tanks in use, 41062 armored fighting vehicles (AFV), 1,331 multiple rocket launch systems, 13444 aircrafts, 957 attack helicopters, and also they have other equipment’s. It has its headquarters in Washington DC and the motto of the United States army is “This we’ll defend”.

3. India

Indian Army

Indian army stands on the third position in the list of largest army of world. It was formed in 1947 and has its headquarters in New Delhi.

The army has 200 plus trucks which are used to transport things, around 700 fast attack vehicles, 6464 tanks , 6704 Armored fighting vehicles, total 2086 aircrafts, 19 attack helicopter. The motto of this army is “service before self”.

The Indian army is standing day 24/7 no matter what is the situation. They are very much addicted towards their motto and hence they truly follow it.

4. North Korea

North Korean army holds number four in the list of largest armies. This army was formed in 1948. The headquarters of army is in Pyongyang North Korea.

The active military power is 1,190,000. The total number of 4,200 tanks, 4100 armored fighting vehicles (AFV), 944 Aircrafts, 20 attack helicopters.

Also the army has chemical weapons as well as rockets which are used during the wars. The motto of this army is “Powerful and prosperous nation”.

5. Russia

Russia stands on number five in the list of largest army in world. The active military is 845,000. The headquarters of Russia is in Moscow.

The total number of tanks are 15,398, the armored fighting vehicles are 32,298, total 3547 aircraft, 478 attack helicopters. Also the budget for the army is high that is the main power of the army. The budget is around 65.6 US dollars.

Also the navy and air force has the best facilities and provides great service to the public.

Here we end our list of Top 5 largest army in the world. So do you’ll think the protection of a country is a hard and tough job so we all should respect the soldiers and army of every country? I hope this article was informative. Thank you for reading keep visiting and yes do share the article with your friends and family they will also be benefited a little with this knowledge.

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