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Top 5 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat With Friends


Top 5 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat With Friends: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on The Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Diwali. The festival of Diwali is a celebration of the bonds, prosperity and also wellbeing. Every year this festival is marked by the mouthwatering treats and delights. The smell of the gourmet dishes which infuses with the joy and the spirit of the festivities. It is not A surprise that we all are witness to the full boxes of the lads, kajukatlis, barfis and gulab jamuns, which are lining up in our kitchens.

Once the celebrations of festivals are over, there is no need to worry now. A healthy snack is good for the health. These are the dishes, which is an appeal to its taste and are also easy to prepare them. The number of calories comes to affect us. So, here are The Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Diwali which keep you in health and also a tasty snack for this festive occasion and afterward too.

Top 5 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat With Friends

1. The Kiwi Strawberry Mixed Orange Juice For An Exotic Treat

The Oranges are an excellent source of the Vitamin C, and the kiwi’s act as an anti-oxidant and the berries have the anti-aging properties. It is a power packed juice, which is made up of these three ingredients. This kind of Juice is all that people who need to stay more energetic on the day to dedicate this beverage for the social gathering and also have the unlimited fun. It is a much healthier alternative to the packaged juices that are packed with the sugar and are not fortified of the nutrients. So, the freshly extracted juice from home is very healthy, refreshing and also a full of taste.

2. BhelPuri To Snack

For those who indulge and need the curiosity of the quick bites between the lighting fanfare festival and also the cracker show. The BhelPuri is a must on the occasion of Diwali menu. The ingredients of the BhelPuri that go into its preparation which make it a wholesome snack with the healthy and nutritious values to be eaten by all. On the Occasion of Diwali, a plate full of the BhelPuri is what the guests would like the most after consuming of the heavy sweets. Many of the guests will go enjoy over this dish which is made of the gluten-free puffed rice, mixed well with the cut onions, tomatoes and also garnished with the tangy spices.

3. Say No To The Excess Oil And Also Fat With The Baked Samosas

The healthier and tasty alternative for the fried samosas which could be the baked one samosas. These samosas are no way to compromise with its taste. You need to say goodbye to your samosa love, but you can add a twist of the healthy ingredients to these samosas. The Baked Samosas can be a treat for your taste. Especially, when eating these samosas with your family during the occasion of Diwali.

4. The Gluten-Free Cake To Replace The Regular Diwali Desserts

The Gluten may be a new term in India, but many of the people have used to it in the last few years. According to a recent study, more than 10 percent of the people in our country are suffering from this condition. The Serving of the gluten-free cupcakes can be a good idea especially when it is an occasion of Diwali, and you will have loads of them.So, why not say the wish of Happy Diwali to your loved ones this year by giving them a gluten-free treat. A cake without the wheat, egg, dairy and also the nuts is also straightforward to make at home. The preparing of this kind of cake for the upcoming Diwali celebration in a way that no any extra calorie affects your fit of lifestyle. It is better to indulge in the fun rather than not by letting your health go for a toss.

5. Make The Healthy And Tasty Sweets And Snacks At Home

This is a far and the better option to not to consume the outside sweets which are made up of the artificial sweeteners. As they will harm you with its extra calories and also the high sugar level. So, prepare the sweets and snacks by using the natural sweeteners and the healthy oil at home. The Dates, jaggery, figs, honey, skimmed milk and also the herb will do your health by adding a flavor in your snacks and sweets. Preparing of these desserts for a lot of the people will be a time consuming, but at least you will ensure your family with a good health.

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