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Top 5 Blue People In Movies | Blue Personality Characters


Blue People In Movies: Blue eyes are not the same. James Marsden, star of Sonic the Hedgehog, does not have blue eyes. It is a rare thing to see a character in a movie that is blue or of all things. Even though they are tiny, they visually take up space. They are an interruption.

They are often seen in science fiction or superhero movies, and many of them are aliens. With The Way of Water bringing back the blue Pandoran race, the Na’vi, to theaters for their first adventure since 2009 it’s time to find out how these big blue characters stack up and where they fit in with them.

First, let’s talk about the ground rules.This is a movie ranking. This means that there are no TV characters such as Cookie Monster, Grover or Roadrunner, Blue (as shown in Clues), Bloo of Foster’s Home for Imagineary Friends , , Tobias Funke, and Bloo from Foster’s Home for . This also applies to blue recording artists. No Crazy Frog, Eiffel 65.

Best 5 Blue People In Movies

1. Watto, Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace

The greedy Toydarian haggler, Phantom Menace is one of George Lucas’ most offensive creations. He looks and sounds like he belongs in a Nazi children’s book. A shande.

2. Blue Fairy (Zemeckis’s Version), Pinocchio

Cynthia Erivo is stunning in this film. Blue Fairy is not a white woman wearing a blue headband, but a real blue fairy. This movie is a disaster. Her CG wings are not great, and she has Joseph Gordon Levitt’s creepy Jiminy as a scene partner. Tilda Swinton will play the role of Pinocchio in Guillermo Del Toro.

3. The Girl Car from Cars

Lightning McQueen’s bromance (towmance?) is so overwhelming and insubstantial. I don’t even remember her name. They didn’t give her eyelashes.

4. Ronan the Accuser Guardians of the Galaxy

The most memorable special effect in the Guardians of the Galaxyfilm was how they digitally removed the charisma of Vulture Fest Honorary Degree winner Lee Pace. The franchise also features two excellent blue characters.

5. Smurfs The Smurfs

Oh, Smurf these little guys. The classic “CGI pests trouble a live-action grown men” canon includes Smurfs and its sequel, Alvin and the Chipmunks(Jason Lee), Hops (James Marsden), Peter Rabbits (Domhnall Gleeson), Sonic the Hedgehogs (also James Marsden).

Smurfs and a lot of boy-Smurfs as well as one (1) Katy Perry Smurf bother Neil Patrick Harris. Two of the Smurfs were portrayed by the late Jonathan Winters, and the late Anton Yelchin. It is possible that they made a lot of money. That is very nice.

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