Top 5 Biggest Forest in India: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top Five Biggest Forest in India. The India is a home to some of the finest forests of the world. From the lush green pine and the deodar trees to its diverse wildlife ranging from the tigers to the elephants, India’s forests are the home to some of the most amazing living species. A vacation amidst one of these forests can be prove to be a rejuvenating and the enriching experience. Not only it will make you feel closer to the nature, but it will also give you a better understanding of your country and the beings that reside in it. These are the Top Five Biggest Forest in India.

Top 5 Biggest Forest in India

1. The Sundarbans, West Bengal

Biggest Forest in India

It is located in the eastern state of the West Bengal. the Sundarbans are known to be the home to the white tiger which is a variant of the Royal Bengal tiger. The vast Sundarbans National park is part of the Sundarbans delta which cover the close to about 10,000 square kilometers and are the largest deltas in the world. This lush green mangrove forest is a tiger reserve and a biosphere reserve. A large number of the Sundari trees spread across the forest which also houses the fishing cats, leopard cats, macaques, wild boar, Indian grey mongoose, fox, jungle cat, flying fox, pangolin, and the Chita.

2. Gir forest, Gujarat

Biggest Forest in India

This is the best place to spot the Asiatic Lion, the Gir forest in the Gujarat is a delight for the wildlife lovers. The Gir National Park is spread over around the 1,412 sq km in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. It was the erstwhile game preserve of the Nawab of the Junagadh and it was established as a national park in the year of 1965 with the only aim to protect and increase the lion population, which had sunk to the two dozen in the early 20th century. Apart from the Asiatic lions, the dry deciduous forest is the home to a several leopards which includes the jungle cat, desert cat, rusty spotted cat. You will also find the sloth bears, the Indian cobras, striped hyenas, golden jackals, Indian mongoose, Indian palm civets, ratels, chital, nilgai, sambar, four-horned antelope, chinkara and the wild boar.

3. Khasi hills, Meghalaya

Biggest Forest in India

This stunning northeast of the India is a famous for its vast, green, sprawling Khasi Hills. The beautiful Khasi forests are some part of the Meghalaya subtropical forests eco region. They are not only being extremely picturesque all the year round thanks to the high amount of the rainfall in the region, they are also responsible for the clean and also the rejuvenating ambiance of the Meghalaya which is making it a tourist delight.

4. Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

Biggest Forest in India

The Namdapha National Park in the Arunachal Pradesh is the third largest national park in the world. It is spanning over an area of the around 1985, with the 177 in the buffer zone and around the 1808 in the core area, this Namdapha National Park forms the greatest forest region of the India. It is nestled between the Patkai range and the Dapha bum range of the Mishmi Hills. This park is the home to a snow leopard, clouded leopards, common leopards, tigers, dholes, wolves, Asiatic black bears, red panda, red fox, yellow-throated marten, Slow Loris, Hoolock Gibbons, Capped Langurs, Assamese Macaques and the Rhesus Macaques. Its biggest draw is the critically endangered Namdapha in which the Flying Squirrel which is only found here.

5. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Biggest Forest in India

The Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park is the one of India’s most popular tourist attractions, especially for the wildlife lovers. It is Established in the year of 1936, and also it is India’s first national park. The most commonly found wildlife at the Jim Corbett which includes the wild elephants, the sloth bears, the langurs, rhesus macaques, peacocks, and the schools of otters, these several types of the deer including the chital which is spotted deer, the sambars, hog deer and the barking deer. This Forest is one of the best forests of India to spend a peaceful vacation in this. So many tourists were coming here to see its different wildlife and the beauty of this forest too.

So, these are The Top Five Forest in India which attracts the tourists for its beauty and the wildlife of the forests. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.


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