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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Portugal


Top 5 Best Places to Visit in PortugalPortugal is a great and fascinating and a great varied country that actually makes up for a great holiday destination. This will guide up the details of our personal favourite top 15 places to visit in Portugal and will also hopefully provide up inspiration for your actual holiday or tour of the Portugal.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Portugal

1. Lisbon

Lisbon is a great, vibrant and a diverse city, which is actually a forward thinking and the liberal but has never forgotten its actual heritage and the past. The city is full of joy and fun to explore up  with the grand plazas leading up to the narrow and some cobbled streets that are actually dissected up by the only quaint tram network. Lisbon also has so many of varied and numerous distinct districts, each one is proud of its own unique and different history and the architectural styles.

2. Porto

Porto is the only charming and the fascinating capital of the actual north, which is too famed for the sweet alcoholic drink of the great Port. This drink is a blend and  intertwined in the fortunes and the history of the ancient Porto and is still stored up in the vast cellars which are actually lines up the banks of the only Douro River.The port tasting up the tours are actually an enjoyable way to become up the connoisseurs of the actual drink, which can also be the savoured in the numerous bars of that extend up along the scenic river front. Porto also  offers  up some beautiful churches, the historic buildings and also the leisurely cruises along the river too. For the longer holidays to only Porto there are many beautiful and pretty beaches and is interesting the day trips, all easily is reached up by the train.

3. Lagos

Lagos is among one of the best resort of the Algarve coastline, as it blends up  a great lively and is a social city around a historic centre that has actually not compromised up to mass up the tourism. Lagos also provides up a selection of the most wonderful beaches, with the Dona Ana beach considered as the most amazing picturesque in all of the Portugal. Further it also along the coast up and are the Ponte da Piedade cliffs, a series of the highly weathered up the sandstone cliffs that are the best explored by the boat.The centre of the Lagos reflects up the actual varied history of the beautiful city, with the large and big sections of the ancient city walls and the most small fort guards of the estuary to the harbour.

4. Sintra

Sintra is all set to the amidst the pine covered hills of the Serra de Sintra and this has slightly cooler up the climate and has convinced up the Portuguese nobility to create up their summer retreat within the whole town. The nobility constructed up the lavish palaces, so while the elite of the Portugal who actually followed them and constructed up the equal opulent residences. Today of these palaces and the stately homes are actually open up to the public and the Sintra is actually considered as the best day trip from the Lisbon.

5. Vila Nova de Milfontes

Vila Nova de Milfontes is actually situated on some of the most stunning, tremendous and most dramatic coastline of the Portugal. The small fishing town is actually located up at the heart of the great Sudoeste Alentejano national park, which actually extends up along the wild and the rugged coast of the actual western Alentejo region. The most sleepy town of theVila Nova de Milfontes is actually loved up by the Portuguese, who actually transform it up into the bustling resort during up their short summer holidays, while the outside of the summer it is peaceful and the welcoming destination. As the town is actually designed up for the Portuguese tourists expect up the exceptional value and the delicious and tasty traditional food that too based around the fresh catch from the deep sea.

Here, we end up the above listed places to visit in Portugal, do give them a try whenever planning a visit to Portugal. Thanks for Reading! Hope to see you again.