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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Paraguay Before You Die


Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Paraguay Before You Die: Paraguay is a place that every travel freak should visit once in a lifetime. The cultural and natural history and also the climate will drag you. Towards the city. This country has everything from  site seeing, lovely birds, beautiful nature,its political background  also worth learning. If you want to live in peace for somedays then surely visit this place once. I will help you out in this read the following article on The 5 Best Places to visit in Paraguay Before you die.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Paraguay Before You Die

1. Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Famous for its shops and malls it is city situated on the Parana river. There you will find waterfalls, museum and Bridges and also many malls where you will love the shopping experience. You can visit the central Museo Histórico Mensú  a museum where you will see handicrafts and artifacts from the Chaco War. There is a sal to Del Monte waterfall which is mesmerizing view, friendship bridge which connects the city to Brazil. There is a Biological Sanctuary, created to house animals displaced by the dam, includes jaguars and capuchin monkeys, which displays on natural history of the city. Enjoy shopping in the malls there.

2. Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam in Paraguay on the Parana river. It is located between Brazil and Paraguay. The turbines are controlled by the command rooms production building. The thing why travelers visit here is the night time show of the dam and its view from the central outlook. Tatí Yupí Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve with trails and birdlife just to the north of the dam.

3. Encarnación

Encarnación, Paraguay

It is the capital city of the Paraguayan department of Itapúa. It is third largest city of Paraguay. San Jose beach is a place where all beach lovers love to hangout. It is famous for beaches, shopping places, and dances that artist do there.Samba dancers are famous of that region. A nearby place named Jesuit missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Tavarangue are World Heritage Site are places worth visiting. The waterfront of the city is also a center of attraction for all the tourists.

4.  Concepción

Concepción, Paraguay

It is a city located in the Central Paraguay. There is a museum known as Museo del Cuartel de la Villa Real, housed in restored 19th-century barracks and displaying military objects. To the north east there is Cerro Corá National Park which is famous for the Cerro Muralla, tropical forests, prehistoric cave etchings and wildlife. The market around the city is good for shopping. You can have a nice meal at the Asado restaurant or the Pollaria bulldog. This place is meant for only people who love silence and peace.

5. Asunción

Asunción, Paraguay

Asunción is a city bordered by the Paraguayan river. Some of the places which you can see over here is the Casa de la Independencia Museum which shows the history of independence. Different rooms over here are the Dinning room, Bedroom, Corridor,and many more these rooms represents different furnitures and pieces which reminds one of the independence era. National Pantheon of the Hero’s which is a national monument of the city. Manzana de la rivera is a museum library theater cafe complex. If you want to see the culture of Paraguay then you should visit Asuncion.

We have finished with the list of places to visit in Paraguay. There are many more places but I have listed the best 5 places to visit Paraguay before you die. I hope you will try these places once and will visit again. Thank you for reading the article and do visit again next time.