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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in New York


Top 5 Best Places to Visit in New York: One of the great and dynamic cities in the world, the awesome city of AMERICA “New York” has always been on its promise to look beautiful and clean, the city offers a lot more than you will to see. The city is a bit crowd in terms to the population, but you’ll surly able to see up amazing spots situated in New York, here we are back with an amazing city listing up the best spots to roam around ans explore, without wasting any time, lets get started.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in New York

1. Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

The popular Statue of Liberty was a gift of France to America. This statue was built in 1886 and till now remains a famous world symbol of getting freedom and one of the greatest American icons. This is the world’s largest statue and it stands just less than 152 feet tall from the base up to the torch, and weighs about to approximately 450,000 pounds. The statue also offers up a great view of the New York Harbor and the lower Manhattan. It is situated on the Liberty Island and a you’ll have to go up with a short boat ride to get to the statue.

2. Empire State Building

Along with the famed and famous Statue of Liberty, The Popular Empire State Building is also New York’s one of the most famous landmark. This 381 M tall, 102-stores building was the tallest building in the world until the 1 World Trade Center tower got bulit and rose higher 41 years later. Topped up with a mast for the airships, this building immediately became a landmark and a true symbol for the city, when it got opened in the year 1931. There are two observatories at the top of the Empire State Building. The 86th Floor Observatory which is located at about (1,050 feet) is reached by high/dynamic speed, automatic elevators, and has both a glass-enclosed safe area, which is too heated in the season winter and cooled in summers, and theres a spacious outdoor promenades too on all four sides of the Building.

3. Central Park

This park is the playground of New Yorker’s. This park is actually too big and is the largest park in the city center and is also one of the things that actually makes New York a beautiful city and not simply a Jungle of concrete. Central park has a lot of attractions in its borders and also has been featured in several TV shows as well as movies. Some of the spots of note in this green space that the visitors will probably be quiet familiar with the Strawberry Fields there, the Central Park Zoo, and the Lake, which is also mainly used for skating in winters, and paddling in hot summers.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

This Bridge aka The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in the year 1883 and was also the world’s first bridge that was t constructed of steel. It spans up the East River from the city Manhattan. Broolyn bridge is a landmark for America which has inspired generations of many poets, songwriters as well as the painters. The famous Engineer John Roebling conceived up the bridge in the year 1855 and worked out on every single detail from the two granite towers to its steel cables that were four suspended. In the month of June in the year 1869 while analyzing the Brooklyn tower site, a ferry crushed Roebling’s foot.

5. Times Square

Formerly know as the Longacre Square, The Times Square was named in the year 1904 after naming the New York Times tower. The newspaper first posted it in the current headlines along with the famous moving sign of the square, it was world’s first, in the year 1928. Long the actual heart of the famous Theater District, The Popular Times Square got fell into a decay during the time of the Great Depression when many of the theaters got shut down. The city cleaned up the area of the square by inviting many popular corporations such as Disney to move in that are. Now, as of today, Times Square has become a more safer place, both in the day and night, may it be with shopping, theaters and restaurants galore, not to mention its mammoth billboards.

Loving the city! It actually deserves to be loved, the city has more to explore in it. May it be the Bridge of Brooklyn or the busy hassled crowd of Times Square, this city is truly magical, you should ought to make a plan for a holiday to New York with your family, and experience the magic and fun that would thrill up your life, we’ll see you soon in lot more interesting articles based on your liking, thanks for visiting.