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Top 5 Best Places to Live in Florida


Top 5 Best Places to Live in Florida Florida! Known as the heavenly state, here everything is different, there’s a magic in the air, it, the culture, the tradition near about everything is special and unique, we all love to explore places, and this one of it. The Magic of the city makes it special and urges a traveler to explore it. What about settling up there? So today, we are up with the list of “TOP 5 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN FLORIDA”. Let’s, get started.

Top 5 Best Places to Live in Florida

1. Miami Beach

This city having residents near about 90,000 is one of the biggest collection of the art & deco architecture in this world having great and awesome beaches, top quality restaurants and dynamic places to hangout at Night. As the city has a great reputation being a party place, there are lot of family friendly things to do in the city. About 20 neighborhoods grace up the landscape of the city that makes Miami Beach a magnet for large and many diverse groups of residents as well as the tourists. Miami Beach is also ranked in the list of “TOP 100 PLACES TO LIVE”.

2. Tampa

Along up with the Florida’s west coast nearby the Gulf Mexico, Tampa is a city that is growing day by day in terms of population, thanks to the good schools, fabulous health care and many Fortune 1000 companies that are doing up their business there. The Downtown Tampa is undergoing  with the vibrant development  that is possible with young professionals that are moving in, and the  entertainment options consist of professional sports, nightspots and great and awesome restaurants, creating lots and lots of things to do in the city.

3. Orlando

Located in the mid heart of central Florida is the city Orlando, also know by a nickname “The Theme Park Capital of the World” and that attract around 55 million annual visitors. There are already  8 reasons to move to Orlando, but here we introduce you the nutshell version. For the permanent residents, Orlando has about 115 neighborhoods, schools that are way too great and excellent health care, along with several high-tech companies. There are about 25 colleges & universities that mainly operate in Orlando.

4. Coral Gables

Basically know as one of the wealthiest cities in the America is Coral Gables, located just in the southwest of  the downtown of Miami and also know as a shopping destination with many international shops and retailers. The stylish, great and sizzling restaurants with awesome ambience in Coral Gables landed it on the list of Best Foodie Cities list in 2015. Having a fabulous weather and a solid mix of natural attractions which provide you lots of things to do in the Coral Gables. The Median home prices in the city at the top is about $600,000, and the Coral Gables homes the have top and best employers like the popular University of Miami and the Baptist Hospital of Miami.

5. Petersburg

With the blend of Natural Sunshine for almost 360 days, St. Petersburg is a city that’s popular among both the residents and tourists. The affordable and low cost of living and the quality health care makes it attractive for the retirees, and It has also moved a step in a more youthful direction with a vibrant downtown and several options for nightlife.

Rather It be the Miami Beach or Orlando, Florida, is the place that is to be explored the whole, so this was our list to “TOP 5 BEST PLACES TO LOVE IN FLORIDA”, hope you liked it, we’ll be soon up with such interesting articles, till then stay tuned. Thanks for your visit.