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Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.1 0 Patch Notes


Soundpeats p3 SSBU 3.1 0 patch notes have been released, which has a number of significant changes and tweaks to make it a better game for all players. This includes changes to character traits and buffs to high tiers. There are also bug fixes to make the game a better experience.

Soundpeats p3: Character changes

During the week of May 30th, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.1.0 update rolled out.

The update, as you might expect, made changes to the gameplay, fixed a few bugs, and introduced a few new modes.

In addition, the game received a few small buffs to some of its more obscure characters.

These buffs, while not sweeping, include a small buff to Fox’s jab and a slightly larger buff to Phantom Thief’s Side-B.

The most lauded character of the lot is, of course, Pichu, who was also a big winner in the past. Although he was not in the game for much of the past, he is back with a vengeance.

The small ot of the new buffed Pichu has an upgraded down tilt that increases its range and lessens its knockback. His forward smash was also nerfed.

Soundpeats p3: Bug fixes

SSBU 3.1 contains several bug fixes, which have been added to the game to improve the overall playing experience.

Some of the fixes include fixed collisions, an increased minimum time between wall jumps, and a fix for a bug where certain characters would appear on the screen before the countdown.

Other fixes include fixes for a few of the game’s more annoying glitches. For example, the “Infinite Inhale” glitch for King Dedede has been fixed.

If King Dedede and an explosive item were simultaneously inhaled, the character’s face would be stuck on a shocked expression.

Also, King Dedede’s Inhale would sometimes cause characters to fall through the stage terrain.

Lucario’s Force Palm would not connect properly in some situations. In addition, the grab hitbox would not connect if the character was behind a shield.

Tweaks to improve your gaming experience

Despite the fact that this latest iteration is a bit tame, the latest incarnation of the eponymous mascot is no slouch.

This is especially true in the Wii U version. With the exception of some egregious bugs, if not outright glitches, the game is a joy to play.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check your Wii U for updates. You can find a list of available updates on Nintendo’s support page.

Aside from the standard console updates, you’ll also find Wii U-exclusive updates for the Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro controller, and Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, you can also find this information at your beck and call, no matter where you are.

High tiers got away scot-free

Using a character in the title screen to spam out an endless flurry of hits is a fun idea, but it’s not a great way to play a competitive match.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of Smash 4’s new ranking system. A rank system that rewards players for being the best, rather than just for being the most popular,

will be a breath of fresh air for a competitive player who’s sunk too many hours into the previous system.

While the ranking system was not foolproof, I have seen several players make their way up the ranks on their own.

In particular, I’ve been impressed by the performance of players like James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson and Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez.

Their performances with the aforementioned Pichu and Zackray stand out, especially considering the fact that they’re in a tier that’s largely comprised of a handful of seasoned veterans.

High tiers have received substantial buffs

Several high tier characters have received substantial buffs in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate patch.

Some of these buffs are more than just cosmetic changes, such as Mewtwo’s increased forward throw power. Several other characters have received significant changes as well.

Pichu was considered a subpar character before the patch, and he received several major changes in the latest patch.

He was buffed to have a bigger hurtbox, less knockback after hits, and a nerf to his forward smash. He also received a nerf to his down smash.

Palutena, one of the most popular characters in the game, also received significant buffs.

His first hit no longer works for jab cancel setups, and his neutral aerial connects more reliably.

His back aerial also has a slower invincibility, but his startup time is improved.

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