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Top 5 Best NGO in the World


Last updated on September 19th, 2017 at 03:16 pm

Top 5 Best NGO in the World: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Top Five Best NGO in the World. There is no such alternative of humanity in the world. This is the only thing that people actually gets established in their life, rest of all are the matter of time. When some effort is made by a group of peoples it will becomes an organization. There are many such organizations, but those organizations like NGOs with a great purpose are always to be inspiring. Here in the compilation of some NGO’s, below we have come up with the line-up organizations of such great NGOs these NGO’s have really set the example. Nothing is going to happen or no any philosophy works when someone is really attacked by the poverty.  So, it is better to give him food before the knowledge.

Top 5 Best NGO in the World

1. International Rescue Committee

Best NGO in the World

It is really unfortunate for the people, because in some part of the World the refugees are treated in the way it’s just an inhuman. It is the organization that has felt the issues deeply to the great solutions. International Rescue Committee was established in the year of1933 with a great interest of the legendary Albert Einstein. They are best known for their honesty and dedicated work for them. The IRC will put in place the high effect, cost-oriented solutions that helps the people who are affected by crisis. We’ll also use our learning and experience method to shape the humanitarian policy and practice them in ways that will really improve the lives of more people worldwide. And in all of our works we will giving more of the focus on breaking down each of the barriers which is still faced by women and girls.

2. Acumen Fund

Best NGO in the World

This is the real organization that has dragged the attention of the peoples in a great way within a very short time of period. This Organization is also work to make sure that no one stays hungry. This NGO really believes that every human being should put their full effort in making the most needed goods of many neglected people available in this world. It is their godly effort that many of the homeless peoples have found a destination today to live their life.

3. Cure Violence

Best NGO in the World

In this NGO remains no difference between a human and an animal when he or she goes with the violence way. This Chicago based NGO is more dedicated for creating the awareness for the purpose to finish that violence. This Organization is strongly oppose the controversies among the different communities. It is really incredible is to see the organization that the way they take risk to establish the peace among the peoples.

4. Wikimedia Foundation

Best NGO in the World

Needless is the word which is to mention about the term. This foundation media house controls the many well-known components of this foundation, the most popular of this Wikipedia is being the most important web asset of the foundation. These NGO’s have been offering the fact contents regarding the many issues for free of cost. This Foundation have been at the top by all the big journals.

5. Clinton Health Access Initiatives

Best NGO in the World

Here we come-up with such the one of the most popular NGO over the world with the collaborations of such a big name like Bill Clinton. Having them the headquarter at the United States of America, this organization really work hard against the fatal diseases like the HIV, improving the child health, creating the health awareness irrespective difference of their race, religion, or nation. This Organization have been listed by The Global Journal as well.

So, these are the Top Five Best NGO in the whole world. In the words of mine, working for the humanity should be the exact aim of every human in the world. The above-mentioned organizations have really proved and set the milestone. However, you can also contribute to them some part of your earnings for being a part of the noble cause as well. This will be your best effort to do something for them. If any Queries or Questions persist then please feel free to comment your view points.

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