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Top 5 Best Beaches in Italy


Top 5 Best Beaches in Italy: Hey There! It’s summers going on here, and in this season probably all of us want to enjoy and have some fun so here god has provided us with some heavenly spots that are beaches. Probably everyone likes beaches, may it be for the cool – cool water or for making up sand castles, we truly enjoy the atmosphere, Here we talk about a heavenly Nation “Italy”, a spot gifted with lots of beaches, if you’re planning to visit  Italy, so yeah you’re at the right place. So today we come up with the list of “TOP 5 BEACHES IN ITALY” you should visit this summer.

Top 5 Best Beaches in Italy

1. Camogli Beach, Liguria

The beaches of Camogli just invite you to extend yourself and get lost in its beauty. Starting from the east there are around 150 meters of beach. The beaches here are variedly consists of  large pebbles and a lot of sand  to make sand castles of.  On the other hand of  the rocky spur of  ‘La Rotonda’, the beach is extended  towards,  the central side of  town along the Camogli’ seafront promenade and ends at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Here you  also get to see sections of free spaces, where you  can hire deck chairs, sun loungers and umbrellas. Several Bars have tables overlooking the beach so you can relax in the shade, and have your meal there while taking in the bustle of the beach and the views of the stunning blue sea.

2. Marina Grande Beach, Positano

The main beach of Positano is, for sure, Marina Grande. With over 300 yards of dark sand—large swathes of it dedicated to tidily arranged rows of beach umbrellas and lounge chairs in Technicolor shades of orange and blue—this spot always feels open and roomy in spite of summer crowds. A wide area of dark sand let the people enjoy sunbathing, the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast and the stunning panorama that looks at the little pastel-coloured houses of the town. The beach has two bathing establishments and a free area, from where excursions along the coast and shuttle boats to the nearby bays depart. This beach is really loved by VIPs, so it’s not that rare you can meet some of your favourite celebrities. There is also a free beach. From the beach you can choose boats for excursions to Capri or to the Natural Reserve Punta Campanella.

3. Otranto Beach, Otranto

The coastline outside Otranto is renowned for its beauty, and there are more stretches of popular beach to both the north and south. These are easiest to reach if you have a car, but there is also a summer bus service to popular seaside spots. This bay in the center of Italy’s easternmost town is all soft white sand and shallow turquoise water — a tiny sliver of the Caribbean perched on the Adriatic. And while the beach itself is as all-purpose as they come (great for swimming, sunning, snorkeling…), the best way to enjoy this place also happens to be the easiest: Stop in town to pick up a crisp white wine, a hunk of fresh bread, and a ball of Puglia’s creamy, buttery burrata, then while away a few hours sipping and snacking on this little seaside slice of heaven.

4. Polignano a Mare Beach, Puglia

Nestled in an inlet bound by steep limestone cliffs, this spot is off the beaten path for most tourists, but it’s well worth the detour. But the real treasure in Polignano (aside from its amazing people) is its beach. The beach of Polignano a Mare is undoubtedly one of the most popular on the coast. It shows some rock sections “on cliff” alternated with stretches of golden sand. Enclosed by decrepit structures and ancient cliffs, these beach takes visitors back in time to a carefree existence. You can sunbath, snorkel, or even cliff  jump all from this gorgeous location and charming town. The best time to enjoy Polignano is in early summer or late spring when tourists are at a minimum and the weather is still nice enough to thoroughly enjoy the water.

5. Spiaggia di Tuerredda, Sardinia

This is the beach of  Tuerredda, the pearl of southwestern Sardinia. It is located in the territory of Teulada, but it is usually reached from Cagliari, passing first to Pula and then to Chia and continuing along the coast, after Capo Malfatano, along a path that someone calls the road to postcards, because behind every curve you Opens up a breathtaking panorama. Even in the off-season, this island idyll is a must-see: The sea here is such a perfect shade of pale blue it doesn’t seem real, and since it’s sheltered from the bracing Mistral winds, the water is warm enough for swimming well into fall. Between the pristine setting, the sound of the waves, and the occasional whiff of Sardinia’s juniper trees on the breeze, your blood pressure will be dropping in no time.

So here we end up with our list of the beaches, these beaches are a must try to have a chilling drink under the umbrella sitting over the sand. If you’re planning to visit Italy this Summers then do give this beaches a try. So I Hope you enjoyed and are now ready to get Cool! Thank You for Reading. Do Visit Again.