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Top 5 Best Aquariums in the World


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Top 5 Best Aquariums in the World: The basic common size for a tank aquarium kept in home is probably about 29 or 30 gallon, though some of the aquarists have constructed aquariums of many and many thousands of gallons. In order to compare up these very large and huge aquariums we have looked up at the size of their very biggest tank (in terms of gallons). Most of the aquariums have many different types of tanks and the combined volume of the actual  water can be much much larger but it is only the most largest and biggest aquarium tank that is counted. So here’s a list of the largest aquariums in the world.

Top 5 Best Aquariums in the World

1. Georgia Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the World

The very famous  Georgia Aquarium in located in Atlanta and is the largest and biggest aquarium in the world housing about more than 100,000 sea creatures. Funded up mostly by a $250 million donation from the Home Depot co-founder the very popular Bernie Marcus, the aquarium was opened in the month of November in the year 2005. The Georgia Aquarium is amongst the only institution outside of the Asia to house up the whale sharks. The sharks are kept in a very gigantic 24 million liter (6.3 million gallon) tank in the Ocean Voyager exhibit.

2. Dubai Mall Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the World

The world famous Dubai Mall, is actually one the world’s largest shopping malls in the world, and is also a part of the 20-billion-dollar Burj Dubai complex located in Dubai. The basic centerpiece of the mall is the very big and the gigantic aquarium tank, with the capacity up to hold up about 10 million liters (about 2,64 million gallons) of water. The aquarium has about more than 33,000 living animals including over about 400 sharks and the rays combined. It officially earned up the Guinness World Record for the world’s “Largest Acrylic Panel”.

3. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Best Aquariums in the World

The very famed Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is situated within the Ocean Expo Park in the Japan and was actually opened up in the year 2002. The main and actual tank of the aquarium, called up the very famous Kuroshio Sea, holds up about 7,5 million liters (about 1,981,000 gallons) of water and features up an acrylic glass panel measuring about 8.2 by 22.5 meters (27 by 74 feet) with a great thickness of about 60 centimeters (24 inches), the largest of such kind of  panel in the world when the aquarium was basically opened.

4. Oceanografic

Best Aquariums in the World

’Oceanogràfic is actually a great marine complex where different of the marine habitats are actually represented up. It is basically integrated up inside a great complex known as the City of Arts and Sciences inside the city of the Valencia, Spain. The Oceanogràfic features up the largest and the biggest aquarium tank in whole of the Europe and the houses have more than 45,000 marine creatures. They populate up around nine under water towers, structured basically on two levels that represents up many marine ecosystems.

5. Turkuazoo

Best Aquariums in the World

Opened up in the year 2009, Turkuazoo is Turkey’s first giant and biggest aquarium featuring up an amazing rainforest, flooded up by the forest and the tropical seas zones. The aquarium is situated up inside the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall and contains up about 80 meter long and long underwater tunnel. Turkuazoo holds up nearly about 10,000 sea creatures including up the amazing tiger sharks, the giant stingrays and the piranhas in many 29 different – different  exhibits where the largest holds up about 5 million liters (1,32 million gallons) of water.

Here, we end up the list of the top giantic aquariums present in the works, these giant structures holds up about tons of sea creatures. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Hope to see you again.

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