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Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Chennai

Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Chennai
Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Chennai

Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in ChennaiChennai was basically established up by the British during the early 17th century. However, the city has a great and amazing historical past that is actually evident up from some of the famous constructions and builds in the city that stands up the test of the time to prove up that the city is actually much more then the ancient than its rest accounted years. If you are actually planning up a visit to Chennai, make sure that you actually do not miss up the following 5 places to visit up in the magical city Chennai.

Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Chennai

Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Chennai
Top 5 Attractive Places to Visit in Chennai

1. Marina Beach

This becah is naturally the most and instant choice for everyone that visits up Chennai. This is also the second most longest and the biggest beach in the whole world. The large up expanse of the silver and the sand allows up for a great and beautiful walk along the seashore. The great Sunrise and the sun set views are amazing picturesque in this perfect and awesome setting. Some of the basic sports activities possible in the Marina Beach includes up fishing, wind surfing and the beach volley ball. Though up the Marina Beach that owns up the credit of being up the second and the longest beach in the world, and it is not as well as maintained as it should always be.

2. Semmozhi Poonga

The Semmozhi Poonga also offers up a great escapade from the scorching and the hot sun and it is a visual delight for your eyes and tired seeing up the manmade buildings. The park was also opened up towards the end of  the year of 2010. Being Situated at the city’s center, the 20-acre park offers a great  view  to the beautiful scenic landscapes and the awesome lush gardens. The well-maintained and the beautiful gardens have about over 500 varieties of the trees and numerous plants from all the parts of the whole world.

3. The Huddleston Gardens Of Theosophical Society

The main and basic aim behind the establishment of the Theosophical society is to create up the universal brotherhood where there is actually no distinction among the human beings. The essence of the whole society is to actually blend up the best of the teachings of all the religions to elevate up the quality of the humanity and its actual power too. The world headquarters of the Theosophical society isactually loacted in Chennai.Situated in Adyar, basicallya part of Chennai, it commands up the respect from the people belonging up to all the faiths. The society was actually established here in the year of 1883.

4. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

This Park is the first and one of the most best ever zoo in India. This zoo was actually established in the year of 1855. The zoo was initially started in the great Moor market from where it was actually shifted to the Vandalur in the year of 1976. The great and massive 510-hectare zoo houses over about 170 species of the wildlife. Some of the wildlife are actually found up here include up the tiger, the hyena, the lion, the panther, the elephants and much more. Elephant rides up and lion up safaris are too available.

5. Pulicat Lake

This beautiful lake is a ‘must visit’ place if you are on a vacation in Chennai. Chennai is not only green and you only do not chance upon many other places in Chennai that will help you get more and more closer to nature. Hence, taking some time away to be at the amazing Pulicat Lake becomes all of the more important part. Pulicat Lake is centrally located on the Tamilnadu’s border. The atmosphere of the lake is serene and you can too have a relaxed day here. Boat rides of the Pulicat Lake are very popular.

So, this was our listing of best places to visit in chennai, we hope you visit them, when in Chennal, We thank you for your presence on our platform. Stay Tuned.

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