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Top Breathtaking Places to Visit Before You Die


Hey guys welcome to another interesting article. We all have some dream before we die and say goodbye to this world. Some want to fulfill the needs of family, some want to be successful, some want to earn good money, some want to live life to fullest, and like this there be many other dreams too. Also some want to travel the whole world and explore many adventurous and beautiful places. So if you want to travel good destinations before you die then I will recommend you to read the article till end. In the following article I will be listing down about Top places to visit before you die.

1. Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zhangye Danxia Landform

This is the most beautiful and lovely place that one can see in China. The beautifully colored mountains are the reason why this place is on the top of this list. The Danxia landform is an area covered with colorful cliffs in a mountain. The landform is formed after a long period of erosion of water and wind. The color is due to the red sandstone. When you walk through the colorful slopes you will feel like you are walking through a fairy tale dream where there are wonderful colors that look like a painting. These landforms are situated in southeast, southwest and northwest China. If you want to experience this beautiful place then visit there in early morning or on a sunny day. This is a great place for taking beautiful photographs.

2. Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni is in Bolivia. This place is also famous as largest mirror in the world. A large area of land is covered with salt and that too evenly on all sides. One cannot recognize the difference or irregularities in the salt layer.

The white land made of salt, the blue sky and the reflection of yourself in it makes your trip beautiful. This place is covered with a fine and thin layer of water once in a year. This gives the appearance of a huge mirror to the place.

You can visit here by a car on rent. Salar De Uyuni is just a dream place and yes also a good destination for a funky photo-shoot. So I think you should visit this place before you die.

3. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven beach is located in Australia. This beach is also known as world’s most cleanest and beautiful beach. This beach is stretched in a seven kilometer area. The white sand and the green and blue water give this beach a mesmerizing look. To reach the beach one can book a boat from the Hamilton beach. Here at this place you can do snorkeling and take a view of turtles. You can take a trip in cruise from the White Sundays and have a great day at this place. So I think this beautiful beach is must visit before you die.

4. Santorini

Santorini is situated in Greece. It is a crescent shaped island in the Aegean Sea. The interesting fact about this place is it is an active volcano in the world. Here you will find multicolored cliffs that are 300 meters high. Here at Santorini is a small village called Imerovigli thus village is well known and famous for the sunset seen from this place. This sunset is also called as ‘balcony to the Aegean‘. Also visit the Archeological museum. This place has many things to do and also this is a place where you will find some beautiful scenes. So I think this is a must visit place before you die.

5. Burma


Also known as Bagan and this is situated in Mayanmar. Here in Bagan you will see number of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas. There are over 2000 temples and they are equally beautiful. Bagan or Burma is a place that every devotee should visit. The best time to see the temples are during dawn or dusk because this adds an extra beauty to the temples. You can hire a bike or a cycle to explore the place. Some of the temples or pagodas over here are Ananda Pagoda, Gawdaw Palin temple, Dhammayangyi temple, Shwezigon pagoda and there are many more in the list.

6. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole

This is a hole is a huge underwater sinkhole in Belize. This place is perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers. You can see here a variety of marine life. This huge circular hole is 125 meters deep. The crystal clear water and the greenery around it attract the visitors to come and visit this beautiful place. Some of the species of marine animals you will get to see here are nurse sharks, giant groupers, reef sharks like the Caribbean reef shark and the Blacktip shark and many others. Here you can dive in the main Great blue hole and also can dive in nearby reefs. This place is also known and famous as best Scuba diving spot in the world.

7. Hitachi Seaside Park

It is a public park in Japan that has a variety of flowers that adds beauty to the place. This park is in an area of 190 hectares. There are millions of flowers that are blooming and spreading aroma in the park. The tulips, the blue eyed flowers, the Bassia scoparia that changes its color in the autumn, cherry trees and many other flowers are also there. There is a small theme park which you can visit with your kids and have a great time. The best time to visit here is during spring or summer when the flowers bloom. So don’t you think you should visit here before you die?

8. Vadhoo Island

Vadhoo Island

This is a beautiful island in the Maldives that is like heaven on earth. The best time when you should visit this place is during the night. At night this place turns romantic and mesmerizing. The water over here reflects the blue color like the stars are shining in the water. The reason behind this beautiful appearance is due to two reasons. The phytoplanktons they are the marine microbes are bioluminescent and emanate the blue glow. This place is also known as the sea of stars. Don’t wait to see the blue sparkling waves and also enjoy a date in this romantic atmosphere.

9. Swing at the End of the World

Swing at the End of the World

If you love adventures and want to try one more then this place just for you. This place is located in Ecuador Banos. There is a tree known as La casa Del arbol to which there is a swing that goes till very high. This tree is 2,600 meters above the sea level. You will not be connected with any harness, rope or safety equipment’s all you have is a swing that goes high till up. As you start swinging you will be able to see a terrifying view of the Tangurahua volcano. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you must visit this place.

10. Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina

Verdon Gorge in France

When we asked the backpacker from Puerto Natales what their opinion was of Patagonia’s most famous glacier, they were pretty convincing. Their quote perfectly summarized our experience visiting El Calafate’s most famous tourist attraction, the frozen river. We visited many glaciers in the area and just finished a fantastic cruise through the Chilean Fjords. Also, we trekked the O Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park. We considered skipping the famous Perito Moreno Glacier so we could head straight out to see El Chalten or Fitz Roy.

11. Spend a few days sunbathing in magical Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is renowned for its turquoise lagoon, soft and white sandy beaches, and luxurious resorts. This magical island is a wonderful place to plan a vacation. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend your time sipping cocktails on a lounge chair by the pool. Bora Bora is known for its luxurious resorts, but this French Polynesian paradise also has so much to offer. These are the ten best things to do in Bora Bora for those who love to hike, surf, and enjoy cultural activities.

12. Hang Son Doong Cave

Hang Son Doong Cave

This cave is situated in Vietnam. This beautiful cave was made 2-5 million years ago. This cave was formed by the eroding water of the river and the place where the rock was weak converted into skylights as the ceiling collapsed down. This cave is first in the list of largest and huge cave in the world. The cave is so huge that a building can also fit in the cave. You can also try trekking at this mesmerizing place. So don’t anymore wait to experience this beautiful place with your eyes.

So, guys I think you would surely like to visit these places once in life time before you die. Pack your bags and book you tickets the beauty of nature is waiting for you.

Thank you for reading the article and keep visiting for other interesting articles Top Places to Visit Before You Die.