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Today’s Nightlife in Gurgaon


Today’s Nightlife in Gurgaon: With the opening of multiple corporate offices over the last decade, the city of Gurgaon has massively expanded its night-life, which has garnered fame through the many revellers who unwind in the city after a hard day’s work. With eateries that are open till the wee hours of the morning to the many bars, you will face a hard time deciding how you would want to spend the evening in Gurgaon. With the many available culinary experiences, parties and breweries, it is of no surprise that the nightlife of Gurgaon has been revolutionising itself for a decade now. 

Today’s Nightlife in Gurgaon

Nightlife in Gurgaon

Overview of the nightlife in Gurgaon

While you could either choose to enjoy an intimate evening dinner for two or party the whole night or if you are looking to sit back and enjoy some craft beer, the variety of activities that Gurgaon has to offer is sure to leave you reeling for more. If you are looking for a quiet evening, be sure to visit “After Stories” which has a beautiful outdoor setting with the perfect blend of lighting and music. With this ambience, it’s an ideal place to take your significant other for a romantic night out. Other eateries which fall under the same category would be “Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy” with its 1920’s theme or even “The Hook” which is an excellent place for seafood and wine. If you love your hops and beer, then be sure to visit the numerous breweries in this area such as “Bottles and Barrels”, “Manhattan Bar Exchange” & “Brewery and Brew Buddy”. If you are looking to party the night away, do consider dropping by “Vapour” and have fun with their unique cocktails and dance night. If you are a culinary explorer, then be sure to try out “Molecule Air Bar”. The food is terrific, and the culinary experience is something you should not miss.

Travel to and in Gurgaon

Since you have so many options in terms of restaurants, breweries and pubs to choose from, the ideal way to visit these places would be to get a safe ac car on rent in Gurgaon. These are the two options which are recommended if you are thinking of travelling by car. It’s advisable to hire a driver as driving and drinking will land you in a whole lot of trouble. Due to the city’s lively nightlife, people flock to Gurgaon in droves during holidays with most of the revellers from Delhi. Some even fly down from other cities for a reunion or just a night out with friends and family. In spite of the rush, you can always have a taxi well booked in advance to not only take you from Delhi to Gurgaon but also assist you in checking the different hot spots out. 

Pro tip: book a reliable taxi in Gurgaon with an experienced driver

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