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Three Things to Consider When Buying a Laundry Basket


Laundry baskets come in all shapes and sizes, from rectangular to round and from woven to wood. But how do you know which is right for your home? To help you choose, here are three things to consider.


If your household is lucky enough to be blessed with a laundry room worthy of the fabled and fabled lady, you might want to consider a well chosen rectangular laundry basket as a central piece of furniture.

The modern laundry room is a breeding ground for a wide variety of occupants, so it is important to provide a means of transport that is functional, efficient, and above all, safe.

Keeping your laundry tidy is also important, and a good way to achieve this is to utilise the aforementioned rectangular laundry basket.

Besides, a well thought out and tidily arranged laundry room will also ensure a pleasant smelling home and office ambiance.


It is hard to go wrong with a round laundry basket. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Their low-key construction means they can stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear.

Aside from being practical, they can also add a touch of class to a laundry room.

The IKEA laundry basket is a reasonable size and can be easily stored in a standard sized cupboard.

The large openings help keep the air flowing, which helps prevent mildew and odor buildup.

Another option worth checking out is the Woven Laundry Hamper. This multi-functional container features a removable bag to hold dirty clothes in place, as well as rope handles for easy transport. You can even use it to store other household items.


A woven laundry basket is a great way to organize laundry. It’s durable, lightweight, and affordable.

They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are even collapsible for easy storage.

Aside from carrying clothes, a woven laundry basket can also be used to store toys. You can choose a basket that has a large compartment, which is perfect for children’s playtime.

If you need extra room for laundry, you can opt for a folding laundry hamper.

Woven laundry baskets are made from a variety of materials, such as bamboo and cotton. This style is ideal for a family home because it’s not too big.


Rattan laundry baskets are a great option for your laundry room. They’re lightweight, durable, and come in various colors to fit your style.

The handles are ergonomically rounded, so they’re comfortable to use. This makes them a good choice for busy people.

In addition, rattan is also a natural material. It grows on trees and is braided into furniture or baskets. It’s easy to clean and can last for years.

Handwoven rattan baskets have a unique, organic feel. Depending on how they’re woven, they can have slight variations in color. But each one will be beautiful, and you’ll be glad to have them in your home.


There is no doubt that a wooden laundry basket is a great way to keep your home tidy. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

The best part is that it can be used anywhere in your home. You can store your clothes, towels, or even your toys in it.

One of the best features of a wooden laundry basket is the handle.

This feature is ideal if you like to tote your clothes from one room to the next. Walnut handles are easy to grip and make this hamper easy to carry.

Another feature to consider is the hinge. A swivel-style hinge is a great idea because it allows you to move the basket from one room to the next easily.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your dirty laundry organized, a folding laundry basket is an excellent choice. They’re lightweight, collapsible and convenient to transport.

This makes them a great addition to any home. Some are even waterproof, which makes them an ideal choice for carrying clothing around the house or to the local laundromat.

The blomus Foldable Laundry Bin is a sleek, space-saving choice. Made from moisture-resistant synthetic fibers and aluminum, this is a modern laundry collector’s best friend.

Its clever patented SnapHinge(tm) opening system makes for an easy load transfer.

Additionally, the lining is coated in a special water resistant coating that can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.