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Texas Gun Store Robbery resulted in the death of a Man [Report]


Tuesday’s attempt by a Texas guy to rob a gun store with a knife ended in tragedy.

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Man Shot Dead Trying To Rob Texas Gun Store Armed With Knife

Around 3 p.m., the unidentified male entered Carter’s Country Guns and Ammunition in southwest Houston brandishing a “bladed object,” according to police, and started robbing the cash register.

According to the authorities, a store clerk challenged him and fired twice.

According to HPD Lt. Larry Crowson, who spoke to Click2Houston.com, “Once he went there [the gun store], he really went behind the counter [and] started ruffling through the cash register.”

When one of the employees challenged him, they became concerned for their safety and fired two rounds, at least one of which struck the target.

Police were informed by the employee who shot the suspect that they feared for their lives. The deadly altercation was not further described by police.

Before passing out in the parking area outside, the culprit fled while leaving a bloody trail.

He was discovered and sent to a local hospital where he was later declared dead by the police when they arrived.

Both the victim who died and the store employee who shot him went unnamed.

Although they claimed to have video evidence of the incident, the police withheld it while they looked into it.

Before entering the gun store, the suspect allegedly tried to shoplift from the apparel business next door, according to witnesses.

Marcus Fomby, who observed the suspect inside Suit Mart prior to the shooting, told Click2Houston that “the guy looked like he was a homeless person.”

In essence, they warned him to release the jeans or we’d contact the cops.

Founded in Houston in the 1960s, Carter’s Country Outdoor Stores is a family-run network comprising four retail locations plus a shooting range.

According to the company’s website, it also provides commercially guided hunting trips in Texas and Colorado.

In 2016, a daring dawn burglary that resulted in the theft of more than 50 guns took place in Carter’s Country.

The thieves were captured on camera pulling up to the store in a black Ford F-250 pickup truck, chaining the door to the truck’s rear, and yanking the door off its hinges.

After that, they looted the shop, smashed display cases, and took handguns and rifles. Within days, police broke up the ring.

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