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Thoothukudi Rajini Is Proving The Movie Kaala Is A Pa Ranjith Film, Not A Superstar One


Thoothukudi Rajini Is Proving The Movie Kaala Is A Pa Ranjith Film, Not A Superstar One: Superstar actor Rajinikanth’s is the visiWt to Thoothukudi, where 13 people were kills through police fire last week, did not go smoothly as the actor-politician will have wished to.

Thoothukudi Rajini Is Proving The Movie Kaala Is A Pa Ranjith Film, Not A Superstar One

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Although several people in Thoothukudi welcomed him and took photographs with the superstar, social media was abuzz with a viral video which showed a young protester asking actor Rajinikanth who he was.

Later, at the press conference, actor Rajinikanth lose his cool and shouting at a journalist.

who was asking him questions about the police’s action against the protesters?

There are broadly two narratives which have emerged from Thoothukudi. The activists and protesters have said that the police did not issue any warning and fired to kill them.

The state government which increasingly seems like a puppet of the BJP at the Centre has repeatedly defended the brutality by laying the blame on anti-social elements.

Actor Rajinikanth chooses to go with the latter narrative, stating that the police were retaliating because they are under the attack.

More to one of the questions, the actor-politician snapped. If people protest for everything, Tamil Nadu will turn into a graveyard.

The everything in the place of Thoothukudi is standing for fresh air and water, a right to live a life which is free from disease.

On one side are the people who have been fighting a dominant corporating company for years now and has upped the ante with a 100-day protest.

On the other hand, is Vedanta, a corporation that has giving generous contributions to two national parties which has a dubious record in several countries and is facing allegations of environmental violations in the state.

The situation, in fact, would make for a great Rajinikanth film. Of course, one where Rajinikanth would firmly be on the side of the protesters.

The irony is not leaving in public in Tamil Nadu.

They are eagerly awaiting the release of the film Kaala. The second trailer of the film, which is released only a few days ago, has the superstar thundering about getting people organized to protest. The powerful lines that he mouths go. Our body is our only weapon. We must show the world that. Gather everybody.

The relationship between director Pa Ranjith and actor Rajinikanth has been keenly discussed by many. Apart from his films rendering the oppressed as influential and mainstreaming.

Film Director Ranjith is also vocal about his Ambedkarite politics as an individual. An atheist, he has repeatedly spoken out against the caste oppression, gender inequality, and communalism.

He is the first from the film industry to slam the police brutality against the protesters in no uncertain terms.

Actor Rajinikanth is religious and is considering aligning with the right wing. He has been terming his brand of politics like spiritual that may mean.

And although he has tweeting condemn the police violence on Twitter, in Thoothukudi, his statements are focused on the anti-social elements rather than the killings.

It is not that Pa Ranjith is unaware of these differences. He has quite clear that Rajinikanth, to him, is a vehicle through which he can take his politics to much broader fans.

At the Kaala audio launch, the director once again reiterates the idea. There is no better way to mainstreaming his thoughts than amplify them through a mass brand like Rajinikanth.

Rajnikanth who has already done several films where he is playing the underdog who is rising to power.

A Ranjith film is a more politically charged, nuance and intelligent framework which will be adding to his image.

Rajinikanth’s leaning takes on more gravity with the actor’s decision to entering politics and contest elections.

It leads to trouble questions for both filmmaker and actor.

When the movie has in the past, that leads to the success of actors in politics. Ranjith was willing to continue building up the image of a politician which he does not personally agree.

Rajinikanth reconciles what the fake Rajini says in a Ranjith film with what the real Rajini thinks. The difference is starting, and the public has started calling it out.

Wednesday’s events at Thoothukudi had part of a film, the young man’s.

To the politician who is turned up long after the agitation was over, would have the punch dialogue uttered by actor Rajinikanth. No marks for guessing who the villain will have.

Despite Rajinikanth’s statements being against the public mood in Tamil Nadu, Kaala will probably still get a high opening.

But perhaps more people will become conscious that what they are watching is more of a Pa Ranjith film and less of an actor Rajinikanth film.

So, these are the points to describe on the Thoothukudi Rajini is proves why the movie Kaala’ is a Pa Ranjith film, not a superstar one.

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