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The Wood Movie Cast: Everything You Need to Know

The Wood Movie Cast
The Wood Movie Cast

The Wood Movie Cast is a 1999 comedy-drama film directed by Rick Famuyiwa that follows three best friends living in Inglewood, California as they reflect upon their childhood and teenage years on the eve of a wedding.

Starring Omar Epps, Taye Diggs, Richard T. Jones, Sanaa Lathan LisaRaye McCoy Tamala Jones as well as many others the film earned a combined gross of $25 Million at box offices worldwide earning positive reviews from critics as well as audiences alike making this classic of Black cinema that pays tribute to 1980s and 1990s culture!

Main Cast and Characters of The Wood Movie

Main Cast and Characters of The Wood Movie

Omar Epps plays Mike Tarver

Omar Epps plays Mike Tarver

the protagonist and narrator of the film who moved from North Carolina when he was 11 and is now an established journalist, in love with his childhood sweetheart Alicia.

LisaRaye McCoy stars as Lisa

LisaRaye McCoy stars as Lisa

Roland’s fiance and bride-to-be who is unaware of his whereabouts or any associated anxieties. A successful businesswoman herself, Lisa loves Roland despite his flaws.

Tamala Jones as Tanya

Tamala Jones as Tanya

Slim’s girlfriend and Alicia’s cousin who helps Alicia prepare for her wedding day. Tanya is loyal and supportive partner who tolerates Slim’s antics without complaint.

De’aundre Bonds as Stacey

De'aundre Bonds as Stacey

De’aundre Bonds plays Stacey, an unsavory local gang member with whom Mike, Roland and Slim have had issues since their high school days. Although he can be violent at times, Stacey also cares for his girlfriend whom he regularly threatens and violently opposes.

Supporting Cast and characters of The Wood Movie

Sean Nelson, Duane Finley and Trent Cameron as Young Mike, Young Slim and Young Roland appear as young versions of the main characters who appear as flashbacks throughout the movie. These younger versions demonstrate how Mike, Slim and Roland met and became close, experienced love, sex, school, family life and trouble in their formative years.

Malinda Williams as Young Alicia

Malinda Williams as Young Alicia

In flashbacks, Young Alicia appears as Mike’s initial love interest and girlfriend; showing how the two shared similar backgrounds, interests and aspirationsal goals.

Elayn J. Taylor stars as Roland’s Mother – she was his single parent during his upbringing and disapproved of some of Roland’s lifestyle and choices; yet ultimately wanted him to find happiness in life.

Cynthia Martells as Mike’s Mother

Cynthia Martells as Mike's Mother

Mike’s loving and supportive mother moved with him to Inglewood following their divorce, encouraging Mike to pursue his writing passions and follow his heart.

Telma Hopkins as Slim’s Mother

Telma Hopkins as Slim's Mother

Slim is raised by his sassy and outspoken mother alongside her husband, who prides themselves in seeing his successes while harboring concern for his behavior and future. She’s both proud of their accomplishments while feeling worry over them as an individual.

Basil Wallace as Lisa’s Father

Basil Wallace as Lisa's Father

Lisa’s protective and intimidating father who owns a car dealership. While suspicious of Roland’s intentions and capabilities, he nevertheless respects him for standing up to Roland when necessary.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: When will The Wood be available to purchase?

A: The Wood was released to theaters on July 16, 1999.

Q: Who Directed The Wood?

A: Rick Famuyiwa directed and co-wrote The Wood with Todd Boyd.

Q: What does “The Wood” refer to?

A: The Wood is the title of a film set in Inglewood and where its main characters grew up.

Q: Where can I view The Wood?

A: The Wood is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock and Tubi as well as rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and Vudu.

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