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The Official Spelling Bee Answers


The official spelling bee answers are out. These are the answers to all the questions that were asked in last week’s contest. There are some new ones, and there are some that were updated, as well.


Wordle is a word puzzle game that was invented by Alfred Butts. It is one of the most popular word games. The aim of this game is to get the highest possible number of points. In order to play this game, players must have an understanding of the rules. They can use a variety of strategies to win.

Wordle was first created in 1938. By rearranging letters, players can figure out what words they have missed. Then, players can form interlocking words to score more points.

Wordle isn’t a timed game. Players can play as long as they like. As a result, the winner is the player with the most points.


Dordle is a game that asks you to solve two Wordle-like puzzles at once. It is a game that lets you save your own screenshots of your puzzles and share them on social media. The game features a daily game mode as well.

You can choose between 16 different languages. The game is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Polish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese and Hindi. There are also multiple versions of the game, allowing you to play it as many times as you want.

In the Dordle game, you will have to figure out two hidden words in just seven tries. It’s possible, but you’ll have to make a lot of guesses. This is because the word must be entered into both parts of the puzzle at the same time.


The Quordle is a crossword like game that is a little more complicated than the usual jumbled letters and numbers. You have to enter your words into all four grids at once.

The best part is, if you can manage to complete the puzzle, you can share your feat of arms with your friends and foes. This is a surprisingly fun game.

Luckily, there are a few apps out there that make the task a snap. I’ve picked out the most useful ones for you. If you’re a gamer, you’ll find the Spelling Bee, the LA Times and the New York Times. They are all free to play and have a wide variety of puzzles to choose from.


Octordle is a word game that can be played on a variety of devices. It is similar to the popular word game Wordle. However, Octordle uses eight separate grids, rather than the three found in Wordle. This makes it more challenging. There are also several Octordle game modes, which help you hone your skills and practice.

One of the most interesting features of Octordle is the fact that you can play a single game and use it as a backup. This means you can have a backup of all the puzzles you are stuck on. Another cool feature is that you can play without ads. In addition, you can choose from an assortment of themes.

Today’s official answers

The New York Times Spelling Bee is one of the most popular online games on the planet. It is a game that requires you to solve dozens of words each day.

You are awarded points for each word you can correctly spell. Some of the best ways to score are using letters in the right order and avoiding common mistakes. There are also some clever cheats to help you out.

The best thing about the NYT Spelling Bee is that you are not limited to just the words that you can find on the official list. You are also allowed to use uncommon variations of common words.

New spelling bee answers

If you want to know how to play the New York Times Spelling Bee, you have come to the right place. The game is very popular and there are a lot of people out there who are looking for the answers. It is important to know what you’re doing, however, before you start. There are some rules you need to follow.

The New York Times Spelling Bee is a word game that you can play on your computer. You must choose a set of seven letters to create words.

Each word is worth points depending on its length. Typically, you’ll receive four points for a four-letter word, nine points for a nine-letter word, and 19 points for a 12-letter pangram.