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Kibbe Body Type Test: A Comprehensive and Visual Approach to Finding Your Style Type

kibbe body type test

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head over why certain clothes seem to work better on others than them, or can’t seem to find your personal style? Perhaps the answer lies within your body type.

Your body type goes beyond height, weight and measurements alone; it takes into account overall shape and structure as well as how well yin and yang energies balance within you. Yin and yang represent two opposing forces within nature that contribute to everything around us; in terms of human bodies they represent soft curves with soft feminine energy while hard angles and straightness represent masculine force.

According to David Kibbe, a well-recognized image consultant and author of Metamorphosis, there are thirteen different body types, each with its own set of unique traits, strengths and challenges. By taking the Kibbe Body Type Test you can identify your body type and learn how to dress for it so as to maximize natural beauty while reflecting personal identity and individuality.

kibbe body type test
kibbe body type test

What is the Kibbe Body Type Test?

The Kibbe Body Type Test is a series of questions designed to assess your bone structure, body fat distribution and facial features. The test has three parts with five questions per part that offer five potential answers – you need to select the answer that most aptly describes your physical traits even if they don’t match exactly.

Answers are labeled with letters A through E and each corresponds with a certain level of yin or yang. Answers A and B represent sharper, more angular structures while Answers D and E reflect more delicate, softening tendencies; answers C is the result of an equilibrium between both forces that is neither too sharp nor too soft.

By tallying your responses for each part, you can get an overall idea of your body type. But this test should not be seen as a rigid formula – instead you should look at both its overall pattern and your own personal impression and intuition when considering results – just remember it’s just meant to serve as guidance rather than define you.

What are the 13 Kibbe Body Types?

The 13 Kibbe Body Types can be divided into five families based on their dominant yin or yang energy. Within each family are two to three subtypes that further distinguish each family by secondary yin or yang energy characteristics. Here’s a brief look at all five families and subtypes:

  • Dramatic: Dramatic family members tend to have strong, bold, and striking features, including long and lean bones with narrow and angular body shapes that show prominent facial features such as sharp corners or protrusions. Pure Dramatic is typically most dominant while Soft Dramatic may exhibit soft curves or fleshiness for some contrast.
  • Natural: The Natural family is the second most yang dominant, characterised by a relaxed yet casual and sporty appearance. They typically possess broad and blunt bones with straight muscles in a muscular build and slightly irregular facial features that range from broad to angular in appearance. Pure Natural is considered balanced while Soft Natural has more feminine influences through roundness and fleshiness while Flamboyant Natural exhibits length and sharpness more prominently than Pure Natural.
  • Classic: The Classic family represents balance. These horses exhibit elegant, refined appearances with harmonious bone structure that is moderate and symmetrical, proportionate body proportions, smooth facial features and balanced proportions in body structure and proportionality. There are two subtypes to this family; Pure Classic is considered most balanced; Dramatic Classic may show signs of some yang influence through angularity and structure.
  • Romantic: Romantics are among the second-most yin dominant families, characterised by soft, sensual, and glamorous appearance. They typically possess small delicate bones with an hourglass body shape and full and round facial features. There are two subtypes within this family – Pure Romantic being most yin while Theatrical Romantic having some sharpness or definition for contrast.
  • Gamine: Gamine family dogs have the most divergent appearance. Their playful, youthful, and quirky appearance comes from petite bones with narrow structures; straight, boyish body forms; sharp yet soft facial features, with two subtypes (Pure Gamine, Soft Gamine and Flamboyant Gamine). Pure Gamine is a balanced combination of both traits; while Soft Gamine tends to have more feminine elements such as roundness or fleshiness while Flamboyant Gamine has greater length and angularity influences than Pure Gamine does; Pure Gamine has three subtypes that corresponds with its name – Pure Gamine; Soft Gamine has more feminine influences such as roundness while Flamboyant Gamine has more length and angularity compared to Pure Gamine; Flamboyant Gamine has even more length and angularity influence than Pure Gamine does.

How to Dress for Your Kibbe Body Type?

Once you have determined your Kibbe Body Type, use it as a basis for creating your personal style. Dress in accordance with both levels of yin and yang as well as contrast levels; selecting clothes, accessories, colors patterns fabrics and hairstyles that harmonize with natural features while simultaneously reflecting who you are as an individual.

Here are some general tips for dressing appropriately for your Kibbe Body Type:

  • Dramatic: Show off your strong and striking appearance by donning clothing that is sleek, tailored, and structured. Choose clothes with clean geometric lines, sharp angular forms, vibrant colors and patterns, bold hues or patterns and no soft frilly fabrics as these will distract from your appearance and negate its energy.
  • Natural: Show off your relaxed yet sporty appearance by wearing clothing that is comfortable, casual, and easy. Opt for loose and fluid lines, natural shapes and muted earth tones for patterns and colors; rigid formal clothing will only restrict movement and dilute energy levels.
  • Classic: To achieve an elegant and harmonious appearance, wear clothing with simple and refined lines that is tailored towards achieving harmony and elegance. Look for moderate and symmetrical lines, balanced shapes, neutral and classic colors and patterns; anything too extreme will disrupt this harmony and clash with your energy.
  • Romantic: Show your soft and sensual side with clothes that are feminine, flattering, and glamorous. Go for clothing with soft flowing lines, hourglass shapes, warm hues and patterns. Beware anything too harsh, plain, or angular as this will overshadow your delicacy and clash with your energy levels.
  • Gamine: Show your playful and quirky side with clothes that reflect this. Look for clothes with fun patterns and crisp or broken lines, mixed and contrasted shapes, bright and varied colors/patterns; anything dull will only conceal your personality and interfere with energy.


The Kibbe Body Type Test provides an in-depth and visual approach to discovering your style type. By taking this quiz, you can discover your body type and learn how to dress in an way that compliments natural features while still expressing individuality. Rather than placing you into one box or category, this exercise aims to enhance self-knowledge and increase creativity – there’s no such thing as wrong or right body types; only different forms of beauty. What matters most is loving and celebrating your own body while making it your own unique statement of self.

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