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‘Alien World’ Found in Giant Star System Challenges Our Thinking on Planet Formation

A dazzling new direct image of an exoplanet has just broadened our understanding of the diversity of planetary systems out there in the big,...

Olivia Wilde Wears Harry Styles Tour Jacket While Running Errands – Hollywood Life

Olivia Wilde was photographed out and about in LA on Dec. 7 wearing a jacket from her beau Harry Styles’ ‘Love On Tour.’ Olivia Wilde...

Allegra Stratton resigns after No 10 Christmas party video | Conservatives

Allegra Stratton has stepped down as the government’s spokesperson for the Cop26 climate summit after footage emerged of her joking about a party at...

Merkel Departs, Opening a New Chapter for Germany and Europe

BERLIN — It was vintage Angela Merkel: The woman who has dominated European politics for the better part of two decades handed over her...

Great Resignation slowed, job openings jumped

A help wanted sign is posted in the window of hardware store on September 16, 2021 in San Francisco, California.Justin Sullivan | Getty ImagesThe...