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5-year-old Summer Wells, Had Seen An Increase In The Circulation



Summer Wells: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reported Wednesday afternoon that the search for missing 5-year-old Summer Wells had seen an increase in the circulation of false information on the internet.

The TBI said on Twitter that it is “doing all in [its] power to find [Summer],” adding that the lack of answers and advances in the case is frustrating to all detectives who are still working on it.

5-year-old Summer Wells, Had Seen

Summer Wells

The Wells family’s rural Beech Creek house, surrounded by elevated, steep terrain and deep woods, was seen in a series of TBI tweets documenting law enforcement’s search operations.

The TBI also claimed to have carried out multiple search warrants and gathered “possible digital evidence.”

Summer’s disappearance occurred in a very rural area with few shops. All surveillance photographs and videos have been gathered and analyzed. Additionally, neighborhood canvasses were done to ensure that no residential cameras were missed.

While we cannot reveal specifics regarding evidence discovered in the course of an investigation, we can tell you that several search warrants have been executed, and any potential digital evidence has been collected. This includes accounts on social networking sites.

The TBI urges that people refrain from speculating and instead stick to the facts, which can be found on the TBI’s Summer Wells newsroom webpage.

Summer Wells was reported missing from her home in Hawkins County’s Beech Creek neighborhood on June 15. She is still missing months later, but the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office says the case is still a top priority and that investigators are continuing to follow up on leads.

Summer Amber Alert includes the following information

  • 5 years old
  • Gender: female
  • Color: White
  • Blonde hair, blue eyes
  • 3′ in height
  • 40-pound weight limit
  • Rogersville, Tennessee is missing.
  • Date of disappearance: June 15, 2021

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