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Subi Suresh Death Cause: Malayalam Actress and Comedian Dies


Subi Suresh, TV actress and comedian tragically passed away at 41 years of age. Her death has left her family and fans in mourning; she was one of Malayalam cinema’s renowned anchors. Read on to find out Subi Suresh Death Cause.

Unfortunately, sources report that Subi passed away on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 due to liver complications she was receiving treatment at a Kochi hospital when news of her passing broke.

Since then, fans and loved ones have paid tribute to her legacy while sending condolences to her family members during this difficult time.

She took her last breath at a private hospital in Kochi. Many fans are eager to know the cause of her passing. One Twitter post reads,” Absolutely shocked by the sudden demise of Subi Suresh.

Popular TV anchor and Malayalam actress Subi Suresh passed away! She had been undergoing treatment at a Kochi hospital for liver disease.” Unfortunately, updates indicate that Subi was suffering from an illness related to her liver which ultimately claimed her life.

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of such an inspiring anchor, host and actress Subi Suresh.”

Subi Suresh Death cause

Dr Sunny P Orathel, Medical Superintendent of Rajagiri Hospital revealed to reporters, “Plasma exchange was unsuccessful so we considered liver transplantation – even found a matching donor! Unfortunately her condition deteriorated while paperwork was being finalized”. When this news broke across Malayalam culture and among fans alike, it sent shockwaves through both industries.

Subi began her career as a mimicry artist in the industry and quickly gained fans’ attention after appearing on popular comedy show “Cinemala”. Her avatars will always remain memorable to viewers of this beloved show.

From there, Subi gained immense respect and love from viewers as part of several successful Malayalam movies like ‘Happy Husbands’ or ‘Kankanasimhasanam’ among many more.

After her work on “Cinemala”, she gained further notoriety through her appearances in “Kutty Pattalam”. Her beauty and charming demeanor were much admired by viewers, leaving everyone deeply saddened.

Unfortunately, the talented artist has now left us all, leaving everyone grieving. She will forever remain a beautiful soul – stay tuned to us for more updates.

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