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Steve and Marjorie Harvey Worn Matching Outfits On ‘Date Night In Paris’


Steve and Marjorie Harvey Worn Matching Outfits On ‘Date Night In Paris’: At Paris Sartorial Week, Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey turned heads with their fashion choices. The fashionable couple has been on vacation in France for the past week, dishing Black love and looks, and fans can’t get enough.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey Black & White matching outfits

On July 10, Steve posted an Instagram video of the Harveys leaving the house in similar black and white attire. He captioned a video of the celebrity couple leaving a hotel, “Date night in Paris.”

nice, uncle In a white unbuttoned Dior shirt, black Tom Ford slacks, and Prada shoes, Steve stepped outside in a relaxed manner. The 65-year-old also offered the doorman a fist bump while he had a cigar in his mouth. Marjorie, meantime, mirrored her husband’s fly appearance by donning sultry white backless top and black slacks.

When Steve’s video went viral online, many drew attention to Marjorie, who walked boldly next to her husband as onlookers cheered them on.

One person tweeted, “Marjorie got a ol nasty walk.”

A second person said, “Steve and Marjorie got that energy of that old couple when they get drunk boffem hit on you.”

A third social media user wrote, “Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey are having the best of their life’s- Vacation, fancy clothes, good food, and wines. They’ve worked for it. I love to see it.”

The Harveys have been married for 15 years, and they continue to show everyone why they are the ideal couple. Several of the comments mentioned their final trip to Paris in order to honor Marjorie’s 57th birthday in October 2021.

“Whenever Marjorie and Steve Harvey are in Paris, they give us hot hot and we take it,” tweeted one person, calling the duo “a fashionable couple.” That person continued, “P.S. I absolutely love how Steve’s fashion sense stepped up after he married Marjorie. He knows what he has and won’t be caught unfresh when she’s by his side.”

“Steve Harvey and Marjorie eating Paris TF Up,” another user tweeted.

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