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Steam Content File Locked Error – Fixed


Steam Content File Locked Error: Hi, Everyone Today, I will share some exciting information on the Steam Content File Locked Error – Fixed. Please go on the article and enjoy reading it.

Steam Content File Locked Error – Fixed

It means that Steam cannot write updated files to the hard disk. There may be many other solutions for this error is the most effective one is to uninstall Steam all the local game content and reinstall it from scratch. However, this worked for many users. It is a pretty time-absorbing task and also consumes a large amount of data. Before go often too harsh measures as mentioned above. We will try to troubleshooting for minor problems that may involve.

Repair the Corrupt System Files

Download and run the Restore to scan for corrupt files from here. If files are considering corrupting and missing, repair them. Then check if it fixes the issue. If not, then start with the Solutions listed below.

Solution 1: Check the Antivirus

In many situations, the antivirus may be causing the problem. It is not remarkable for it to mark Steam files as having viruses and quarantine them. Below are the listed different ways to put the antivirus into action until one can update the game.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee has no way to remove specific considerate files. From its real-time scanning, the only way is to disable the antivirus entirely until the game is updating to open McAfee and select Virus and Spyware Protection; here, one finds Real-Time’s option Scanning. Click that option and turn it off.

Then follow the following instruction to verify undivided game files

  1. Restart the computer and relaunch Steam.
  2. Head over to the library section and then right-click on the game, giving one problem
  3. clicking in its properties and select the local files then tab click the verify undivided of the game files button.
  4. The Steam will verify that game in a few minutes.

Hopefully, after performing the above steps, Steam won’t give the issue.


NOD32 can mark some application files as intending. It will most probably quarantine it. It frequently results in an error but updating a game. Browse to the current Steam directory and copy the address; the Steam directory’s default location is after copying the address. Open ESET NOD32 and paste the site is not taking from real-time scanning.

C:\Program File\Steam\SteamApps\common

Follow the verify integrity of the game files method listed above, and one will be all good.

Kaspersky AV

Kaspersky may sometimes flag Steam as a stranger disabling from making any changes to the hard drive to fix this head over to threads and exclusions. Move to ”trusted zone” and add Steam.exe as a trusted application. Remember to change the settings. Do not restrict application activity as do not scan the opened files.

Follow the ”verify the integrity of game files method listed above and restart the computer.

Solution 2: Reset the Winsock

An issue that may cause the failure to update is the Winsock catalog. We can put into effect the command to reset it, and, in turn, it will move back to the default settings. Just press the ⊞ Win (windows) + R key to bring up the Run window to make sure to run it as administrator.

In the dialogue bar, type Netsh Winsock reset, excluding the quotes.

Execute the command and then restart the computer.

Solution 3: Repair of Corrupt Files

If these two methods don’t work for one, then we can analyze which file went corrupt. Or missing and try to re-download the entire file again.

  • Exit steam and move to the Steam directory that is C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam. If one has to choose a custom location for the installation, then move there.
  • Move to the folder ”logs” and then open ”txt.”
  • Move to the bottom of the text file and again search for the recent errors.

An example of an error is this:

[2017-04-12 12:47:31] [AppID 346110] Update canceled: File commit failed: failed to move unchanged file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\346110\570371714\LinuxNoEditor\NPC\Female\Assets\Nude\Nude_Human_Female_Body_D.uasset.z.uncompressed_size” (Disk write failure)

A number written first in the URL is the APPID; in this case, 346110 is the AppID for ARK Survival Evolved.

  • Please move to the root folder of the mod. In this case, it is 570371714. It has no particular file size as the root folders of different games may differ.
  • Restart Steam and move to downloads the folder. Here one will find out the Steam will ask for an update for the game. Update the necessary files, and one will be good to go.

Solution 4: Relocate the Steam Installation and Game Files

If the more straightforward methods did not work for one, then we have to relocate Steam Installation and Game files. This method is breaking down into two parts. In the first part, we can try to relocate the Steam. I hope that it will launch and run as are expected.

If during its launch, an error occurs, we have to reinstall the Steam. The entire process is listed below. Please note that any break during the copying process may corrupt the files. Hence one would have to go often to reinstalling the client again.

  • Move to the Steam client and then click settings.
  • Select ”Downloads” and click on ”Steam Library Folders.
  • Click on ”Add Library Folder” and then select a new path where one wants the Steam to locates.
  • It will take precisely a future path for all the installations to take place. Now we will move the existing Steam files to the course that one selected.
  • Exit the Steam client.
  • Move to the current Steam directory that is the default is (default is: C: \Program Files \Steam and Delete all the files and folders except SteamApps.
  • The UserData folders also delete Exe. to cut all the folders and paste them to the new directory that one should decide above.
  • Launch the Steam and re-login.

Suppose one encounters any problems but moves the steam folder. After launching it, follow the simple steps listed below.

  • Close the Steam.
  • Browse to the location where one relocated the Steam.
  • Relocate the SteamApps folder from that directory to the desktop.
  • Uninstall Steam. It is doing to remove the old Steam settings from the PC.
  • Install Steam again to the starting location to select
  • Move the SteamApps folder in the new Steam directory. It will copy all of the game content that the saved games and settings.
  • Launch Steam and enter the credentials.
  • Verify integrity of Steam game files, and one will be able to play

Solution 5: Check the Disk Scan

The Hard Drive may contain the game installation, which has corrupted or includes the bad sectors. If a hard drive and has terrible sectors, it just slows down and cannot obtain particular areas of hard drives. Therefore, one can try to run a “Disc Check” scan to check the bad sectors’ campaign.

For that:

  • Just press the “Windows” + “R” keys simultaneously, type in “cmd” in the dialogue box and then press “Enter. ” “
  • Type in “”chkdsk c: /f”” and just press “”Enter”” to start it.
  • Press “Y” to confirm the disk’s planning to check the scan wait for the Disk Check scan to complete check to see if the issue is persisting.

Solution 6: Run as Administrator

In some of the cases, Steam requires special permissions to access specific folders and files. Suppose the special permissions are not admittedly. Windows may block it from accessing the folder. The “Content File is Locks” message may show up; therefore, we will be running Steam as an administrator in this step.

For that:

  • Just Right-click on the Steam icon and then select the “Properties” option.
  • Clicking on the Compatibility tab and then check the “Run as Administrator” option, click on to Apply, and then on “OK. “”
  • Run the Steam and check to see if the issue persists.

So, this is vital information on the topic of Steam Content File Locked Error – Fixed. Here I have mentioned the Solutions for Fix: Steam Content File is Locked.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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