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Starcraft 3 – Starcraft 3 Release Date, System Requirements


Starcraft 3 : Activision will no longer be producing ‘StarCraft.’ The End Of An Era Feels Like A Blizzard

starcraft 3Activision Blizzard recently held a quarterly earnings call, during which they stated that they exceeded their expectations, but investors remain suspicious of the company’s total game output, which has slowed in recent years to say the least.

Activision Blizzard claimed they were expanding their development teams across Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Diablo to try to reassure everyone on that front.

Is there anything missing? There’s also Heroes of the Storm, which is currently on life support after Blizzard withdrew resources from it.

However, as Jason Schreier pointed out, StarCraft, which used to be one of Blizzard’s three main foundations alongside Warcraft and Diablo, is no longer available.

StarCraft appears to be on its way out, and the new flagship Overwatch is set to take its place.

This follows news that Blizzard abandoned a StarCraft-based shooter that had been in development for years in order to focus more resources on Diablo and Overwatch sequels and expansions.

Long-time fans may see echoes of Blizzard’s axing of StarCraft: Ghost, another game that was supposed to expand the series outside its customary RTS comfort zone, many years ago.

In many respects, the absence of StarCraft from Activision Blizzard’s list of future ambitions for the firm feels like the end of an era, given that StarCraft was the game that first introduced me to Blizzard and one that I spent a large portion of my childhood playing.

It makes sense in certain ways. At this moment, StarCraft 3 doesn’t seem like a sensible thing to pursue, especially if Blizzard has determined that if they produce another RTS, it will be Warcraft 4.

The genre is just no longer popular, and for Activision’s intents, it’s a game that will be extremely difficult to monetize efficiently after launch, given how that type of game sits on a razor’s edge of balance, with even cosmetics having the potential to upset it.

It’s also reasonable to assume that Blizzard can’t get StarCraft outside of its RTS framework, as proven by the fact that two StarCraft shooters have been scrapped, which is a tremendous pity.

I’ve dreamed of an expanded StarCraft universe with additional games based on the worldbuilding of the original series since I was a youngster, but it appears that this will never happen.

Halo was essentially a shooter version of StarCraft, with its own species analogous to Terran (humans), Protoss (Covenant), and Zerg (Flood), but Blizzard never got it done, and still hasn’t this year.

Maybe it’s just the recent untimely deaths of Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson and John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, who were significant personalities in the StarCraft community and idols while I was growing up with StarCraft esports, that’s making me nostalgic.

It feels like the end of something that was a significant part of who I was as a gamer, losing them, losing the series as a whole, losing any opportunity at spin-offs. We may see StarCraft again in the future, but not right now. For a long time

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