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Special Custom Cakes for 21st Birthday in Singapore


Special Custom Cakes for 21st Birthday in Singapore: Birthdays will always be special! And if it’s your 21st birthday, you need to add all the fun and spark to it. Stepping into your twenties opens up a whole new world. Though there might be a mild sadness of leaving your teens, you get to enjoy a new world of college, part-time jobs, sleepovers, new friends in colleges and the like. And to celebrate all these and more on your birthday, it’s just perfect for customizing your birthday cake. In your twenties, you will have a distinct idea about the type of cakes and flavors you like. Customizing a cake according to that is a smart call.

Special Custom Cakes for 21st Birthday in Singapore

Special Custom Cakes

Today, customizing a cake on your twenty-first birthday is simple and easy! You just need to get in touch with the right bakery brand to help you get on with it. There are many brands online that you can touch base with. To know more, you can visit companies specializing in Custom Cakes Singapore and learn more.

Some of the best choices you can include the following:

  • The dark chocolate three-layer cake

If you are in love with dark chocolate make sure to indulge on your birthday! Let there be no guilt about it. You can select a dark chocolate three-layered cake with nougat and pistachios. These two ingredients add to the taste of the cake. If you want you can add on the final finish of the cake. Today, most people are opting in for a mirror and glossy finish. The mirror finish looks elusive and adds a different spark to your birthday party. You can either customize the cake all by yourself or incorporate suggestions of your friends and loved ones.

  • Say yes to quirky cake designs

Stepping on to your twenties also means becoming experimental and trying out new things in life. From getting a bohemian haircut to opting in for the colored canvas bags, there are plenty of new things for you to experience. Extend the same fun to your birthday celebration and opt-in for quirky cake design. You can customize photo cakes and beautifully crafted cakes with out-of-the-box designs. If you’ve loved a special edition of Harry Potter as a child, visit your childhood by selection a special theme. The service providers today come with multiple themes for you to select from.

  • Say yes to healthy cakes

Most youth today get conscious about their health at an early age. They start as early as their twenties. So, if you want to stay away from the excess calories, you can opt-in for the gluten-free, sugar-free and eggless cakes. Also, if you are turning vegan sometime soon, you can customize your cake accordingly. This way you can add all the fun and also stay away from those ingredients that might cause some discomfort to your health.

Being generic on your birthday will add no fun! It’s your day, and you need to make it big and special. When you customize a birthday cake, you can sync a birthday theme and play along with it. Choose a service provider that provides you with the best service and affordable rates.

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