Home News South China Sea: Hong Kong Iconic Jumbo floating Restaurant capsizes

South China Sea: Hong Kong Iconic Jumbo floating Restaurant capsizes


Over the weekend, a famous floating restaurant in Hong Kong crashed in the South China Sea, bringing the tourist attraction to a tragic end over 50 years after it first opened.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant had been closed since the beginning of the pandemic and was towed from its home port in Hong Kong last week.

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Hong Kong’s iconic giant floating restaurant capsizes in South China Sea

The parent company of a renowned huge floating Hong Kong restaurant announced Monday that it toppled in the South China Sea less than a week after being dragged away from the city.

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant met “adverse conditions” while travelling through the Xisha Islands, commonly known as the Paracel Islands, according to Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Ltd. The 260-foot-long vessel began to tip Saturday after water entered it, according to a statement.

The business stated that no one was hurt, but that efforts to preserve the ship were unsuccessful. On Sunday, it finally capsized.

The company expressed its “deep sadness” over the catastrophe, noting that the “depth of the water” made rescue impossible.

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“The company is now receiving additional data about the accident from the towing company,” according to the statement.

On Monday, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Ltd. wrote on its website, “Due to the impact of the current scenario, Jumbo Kingdom will halt its services.”

Jumbo Kingdom is a one-of-a-kind blend of a scenic Hong Kong landmark, a well-known tourist attraction, and a fine-dining restaurant, according to its website.

According to the corporation, the iconic tourist attraction has attracted celebrities and politicians such as Tom Cruise and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as more than 30 million other visitors.