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Check Data Usage: Smart Data Usage Monitor


Check Data Usage: Smart Data Usage Monitor: Check Data Usage is an intuitive and user-friendly app that helps you keep a tab on data usage on your Android device. It works on smart algorithms and advanced techniques to optimize your Internet data usage. Check Data Usage allows you to set data plans as per your INTERNET data usage and display detailed data use chart to help you plan data usage well. You can use this tool to control and optimize your data usage on Android. It offers some useful features, let’s discuss some of them here.

Check Data Usage: Smart Data Usage Monitor

Features of the App

1. Intuitive & User-friendly UI

App works on intuitive and user-friendly UI where it offers all app features at home page. Here, you can also find current and total data usage by Wi-Fi and mobile network.

2. Set Data Plan

App allows you to set data plans as per your needs. Here, you can set days and data limit to set data plan. You can select pre-defined days or make the days’ cycle from calendar. You can also set maximum data usage alert to keep a tab on data usage. Further, “Show Wi-Fi in notification” feature allows you to view data usage by Wi-Fi network in the notification bar of your device.

3. Optimize the Internet

App helps you to optimize your device performance by killing unnecessary services running in the background which are using Internet. It is also useful to spare some device resources and unnecessary use of the Internet.

4. Clean Cache

Using this feature, you can clean app cache generated by different apps when you perform different tasks.

5. RAM Clean

Using this feature, you can clean your device RAM by stopping all active services running on RAM. It is useful to speed up your device performance.

6. Data Use Chart

App offers detailed analysis of internet data usage by both Wi-Fi and mobile network on your device for currently active plan. The analysis is displayed on per day basis.

7. Data Summary

Data Summary includes information about total data usage on your device from the time of installation of this app to present day. It displays summary related to mobile network and Wi-Fi data usage. It displays details on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

8. Plan Summary

Under Plan Summary, app display all expired data plans on your device. It is useful to optimize your data usage.

9. Usage by App

Using this feature, you can keep a tab on resource-hungry apps. It allows you to check data usage by individual app or services using Wi-Fi or mobile network.

10. Set Alerts

App allows you to set alerts whenever you exceed pre-defined daily data usage limit.

11. App Exclusion list

You can add apps to app exclusion list to keep them untouched when “Optimize the Internet” option is selected.

12. The Verdict of the App

Check Data Usage offers a quick fix to your data usage issues on your device. Using this app, you can optimize data usage both on mobile network and Wi-Fi. It allows you to set personalized data plans and display data use chart for better control of data usage on your device. Further, it offers cache clean and RAM clean features to improve your device performance. Using this app, you can optimize your Internet data usage for improved performance.