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Where Amazon Returns Go to Be Resold by Hustlers?


Where Amazon Returns Go to Be Resold by Hustlers?: When you think about e-commerce, Amazon is the first name that pops into your mind. It is the most popular retail company in every household across the globe. With just a few clicks, you can order anything on Amazon and it’ll be shortly delivered to your doorstep. However, have you wondered what happens to the returned products that are sent back weekly? What does Amazon do with customer returns?

Well, in a nutshell, Amazon re-sells the returned products on Amazon Warehouse or liquidation companies. This means that the best wholesale liquidation companies buy liquidation pallets at a competitive price from Amazon and sell it to other retail businesses to make a profit. 

If you are interested in knowing more about where Amazon returns go and how this process works, then keep reading. You’ll be surprised to unfold these mysterious facts.

Where do Amazon Returns Go?

Usually, all the Amazon returned products are processed at the company’s fulfillment center and then distributed to different warehouses. This includes items that are good in condition and the ones that were returned simply because the customer changed their mind. Other returned products are packed into pallets and stored until they are sold to the best wholesale liquidation companies. 

Many wholesalers buy liquidation pallets from Amazon at discounted rates and sell them on their site to make an immense profit. This way both the companies are benefited – one gets rid of the inventory and the other receives new inventory for sale. 

What Type of Amazon Returned Products can be sold by Hustlers?

There is a plenitude of Amazon returned products that can be sold by the warehouse or liquidation companies. This includes clothing, accessories, toys, electronics, hardware, kitchenware, home appliances, home décor, computer accessories, and more. These products are easy to resell by the best wholesale liquidation companies. Some items, like grocery and downloadable software, are usually non-returnable. 

Is Amazon Returns Good to be Resold?

While most of the returned items are sold to liquidation companies, some of the gently used items are kept back by Amazon to resell on the website. Amazon has hundreds of fulfillment centers and warehouses to resell some of the returned products. Many of these items are sold through clearance sales at discounted rates on the website. 

All the products are inspected to maintain the high quality before they are sold via Amazon Warehouse. So customers don’t have to worry about receiving damaged products. The level of service and quality sold here is the same as that of the standard Amazon products. Each returned item sold by Amazon Warehouse comes with a detailed description of the condition, usage level, and more. This level of transparency makes it easier for liquidation companies and other customers to buy the returned products. 

Liquidation of Products 

Amazon is a leading retail company in the world and it has a unique working mechanism that makes the company profitable at all times. Usually, when there is a returned product, it takes a lot of time, labor, and money to re-check the quality of the product, re-package, and re-list it on the website. 

Therefore, Amazon liquidates the returned items to the best wholesale liquidation companies. This process saves up valuable resources for Amazon. Besides this, it benefits the liquidation companies as they receive bulk goods at low prices. And who wouldn’t want to buy liquidation pallets from Amazon? Even the shoppers are assured that their returned products will get a second chance to be sold. 


Amazon is a gigantic retail company that has millions of consumers all over the world. This company has a very cost-effective working mechanism that helps to generate good revenue as well as get rid of returned products or excess inventory faster. Usually, it happens through the liquidation process. 

When Amazon receives a returned product it is unlikely to be sold directly to everyday customers. This happens only if the product is in pristine condition and in high demand. However, most of the returned products are either marketed via Amazon Warehouse or sold to the best wholesale liquidation companies at competitive prices.