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5 Simple Ways to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing


5 Simple Ways to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing: You will find numerous apps that can all track iPhones today with more still on the way. However, not all will track the targeted iPhone without alerting the user. iPhones have a tight security protocol, and it’s hard to follow up on someone without getting a notification.

So, where are the apps that can track the iPhone without alerting the targeted user? While Apple makes it harder to reach their devices remotely, we have five apps that have cracked the code.

They will enable you to track any iPhone out there without blowing your cover. Let’s see how you can use them to get the results remotely without them knowing.

5 Simple Ways to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

Part 1: Track Someone’s iPhone with Spyier Application

If you want to track an iPhone simply, you need an app that has very minimal requirements. One of the apps that will ask you for only one thing is the Spyier monitoring solution.

This is an app that has continued to help millions of users in tracking the subjects’ phones. The only thing it needs to get that unreachable iPhone is the iCloud ID. Once you have that, you are good to go.

Specifications such as jailbreaking, downloading, or installation is not part of the process. It, therefore, means that after registration, the iCloud verification and tracking happens online. 

In your account, you get a web-based dashboard that is fully compatible with all browsers. You only need an internet-enabled device to access the tracking information whenever you need to see the updates. 

On the dashboard, tracking is enabled by the location feature that does it in real-time. It can also show you all the previously visited places.

At times, you may need to impose some movement restrictions. Spyier enables that by including the Geofencing option. It allows you to set up restricted zones and get alerts when they are visited through your email.

Other things you can track using Spyier include contacts, iMessages, social apps, and browsing history. The demo page on the main website can show the features in full and in working mode.

Data security is paramount in this era, where attacks are as frequent as your morning alarm. Spyier makes sure your data is secure by not storing it. Instead, it syncs it when you access your account. 

Therefore, in case the unfortunate happens, the black hats will find nothing. With that, here is how you can use Spyier to track someone’s iPhone without alerting them.

How to Start Tracking Someone’s iPhone Using Spyier Solution

Step 1: Make sure that your targeted iPhone has iOS 7.0 or later. Next, get the phone’s iCloud credentials.

Step 2: Register an account on Spyier website. Next, select the Apple icon to proceed.

Step 3: Choose the best option for you and go ahead to make the payment. Later, you will get a confirmation email with the setup instructions, log in details, and the receipt.

Step 4: After the email, get back to your account and verify the target’s Apple ID. Next, select the device you want to track and wait for the Spyier and iCloud synchronization.

Step 5: Once syncing is complete, you will see the dashboard with all the features on the left part.

To track the iPhone, click on ‘Location’ to see where it is and also the previously visited places.

For Geofence alerts, utilize the Geofencing option.

Part 2: Track Someone’s iPhone with Spyic

Another simple way to track an iPhone is by deploying Spyic into the tracking problem. This is an application that has helped to track millions of phones in more than 190 countries. 

When it comes to Apple devices, Spyic works on all of them with iOS 7.0 or above.

You don’t need any jailbreaking, installation, or download. Spyic will use the iCloud ID after registering an account to track the phone and show you the results remotely. 

Therefore, it’s a suitable solution that will stay quiet during the whole tracking period. After the setup, everything happens online. You get a web-based dashboard in your account, carrying all the features you need. 

It works with all browsers, which means you are not limited to the device you are using. Tracking is enabled by the location feature, which also traces where else the target has been to. There’s also the Geofencing option for the alerts. 

To see what else it can track, take a look at the main website for more information.

Part 3: Track Someone’s iPhone with Cocospy

Simple ways to track an iPhone also include the Cocospy monitoring solution. It’s an app that has been there for years now, helping millions of users across the world in tracking. 

When tracking an iPhone, Cocospy will also need the iCloud ID only to make it possible.

After registration and verifying the target’s iCloud ID on the main website, Cocospy will do the rest. You get the results in your online account, which hosts the web-based dashboard. To track the iPhone, there a location link on the left part.

When clicked, it will show you the map with an icon that tells you the exact location. For alerts about visited areas, you can use the geofence option. Cocospy is a non-jailbreak solution that does not need download or installation.

Part 4: Track iPhone with Minspy

Using the Minspy monitoring app is another way to track an iPhone using the iCloud credentials only. This is an app that tracks all the recent iPhone versions starting from iOS 7.0. 

It’s also a non-jailbreak solution, which means the targeted phone will always remain the same.

To make Minspy work, you need to register an account first on the main website. After that, you can verify the target’s iCloud login details after receiving an email. Accessing the results is easy. 

You only need an internet-enabled device to access the account. The dashboard in it shows you the location on the phone’s summary. To get the full view, make use of the location feature on the left menu. 

Minspy also has the Geofence option for restrictions and alerts via your email. Other features on it include revealing calls, contacts, installed applications, and WhatsApp data.

Part 5: Track an iPhone with Spyine

The last simple way that also involves the iCloud ID only is the Spyine tracker. It works with all iPhones with iOS 7.0 and above. It’s also a non-jailbreak solution, which means you even don’t have to touch the targeted iPhone.

You need an account to start tracking the iPhone. That is where you will be getting results via a control panel that works with all browsers. Spyine tracks iPhones in real-time via the location feature. It also shows you the previously visited places.

More tracking also involves the Geofencing option that alerts you when the target goes to restricted zones.


You can track someone’s iPhone by only getting their iCloud credentials. Once you get them, the next part is using them on an application that will discreetly track the iPhone. Any app or solution that asks you more than that will let the user know.

You can try Spyier to see how it works using the Apple ID only. After that, you will know that it’s possible to have a simplified way to track iPhones in general.

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